Reasonable Hank Exposed

By Brett Smith


Internet-Troll.jpgSo, how many of you out there have ever been defamed and slandered by that serial online stalker and pest, Peter Tierney, aka Reasonable Hank? Jeez, that many? I knew there’d be a lot but I really didn’t know there was that many. it should not come as a surprise though because dirty Pete has been at it for years now. At least seven that I know of.

See in the early days, back in the 2000’s the vaccine debate was reasonably civil, people were entitled to their own opinions on vaccination and it was generally respected. I mean if you vaccinated your kids they were totally safe right? Safe from those filthy, unvaccinated little monsters? Vaccines work right? It’s amazing more of these dirty little unvaccinated virus bags aren’t dying? Strange.
Alas, those days are long gone. Since those golden years, the monster that is Bad Pharma has gone totally rogue. Their new business models revolve around not only vaccinating every man, woman, and child on the planet, but making sure every one of these sad souls has to get a yearly booster shot for every known virus known to man. And a few synthetic ones they have whipped up in the Merck labs.
Sadly, thanks to the able assistance of a few psychotic media barons around the world, yes you are one of them Murdoch, poor old General Public fell for this hook, line, and sinker. These poor fools would pirouette through the Gates of Hell if the Daily Terrorgraph told em it was good.
It was then the Australian Skeptics and their low life, bastard offspring, the Friends of Science in Medicine signed up to the lead the charge. Back in the early days their go-to-guys were a couple of silly old buggers, Ken McLeod and Peter Bowditch. These two clowns were basically just a bit of comic relief in a debate no one really cared about. In their crazed desires to draw attention to their cause they soon disgraced themselves with plenty of deranged YouTube videos, and more sinisterly, the stalking and harassment of a pioneer vaccine safety activist Meryl Dorey. Soon even other Skeptic trolls crossed the street when they saw these cretins approaching.
Then along came a Bad Pharma wet dream. I mean where do you find a semi-coherent bloke, semi-articulate, can spell, amusing at times and willing to spend 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, including Xmas and New Years Eve, online, stalking, abusing, slandering, defaming, woman, vaccine damaged families, naturopaths, homeopaths, chiros, nurses, widwives, doctors, you name it, if Bad Pharma didn’t approve this killer attack poodle was skitched on them. Where could you possibly find an ever ready bunny like this?
Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 12.08.42 am.png

Since November 2009 Reasonable Hank has written 45, 258 Tweets

Along comes our steaming pile of poo, Reasonable Hank. Now like most effective Pharma trolls and cowards, of course, he had to remain anonymous. You can’t spend your entire waking life slandering all of these poor vaccine damaged families and also have the courage to do it under your own name. So no, Hank, in a crafty bit of wordsmanship altered his name from Peter Tiernan to Peter Tierney. Nice one Shank. nudge nudge wink wink.
To add to the delight of Bad Pharma, Pete was a true believer. Poor misguided Hank actually believed he had the moral high ground, a crusader. A saviour even? Belief is everything, as you know, and our good friend Tierney was the fully monty.
See, and this is where the story becomes sad, Pete was very closely linked to a family that tragically lost their child to whooping cough. No family should have to endure grieving like this. Ever. This is not an event that either ‘side’ should highjack for their own message. Of course that is exactly what happens. These poor families then become the centre of a debate they did not ask to be involved with. The tragedy is compounded by the fact that the whooping cough vaccine is not only totally ineffective it actually spreads transmission of the disease. The sooner some Bad Pharma executives do some jail time for this the better.
So Hank was born. Hank was frickn tireless and in 7 years his output has been nothing short of impressive. The mountains of victims in his path would make Stalin proud. Even George Bush. Years down the track Hank is still hard at, day in day out. Big problem for Pete though is Hank became part of his psyche. It’s the only thing Pete has ever been good at. It’s the only thing that ever made him feel important, powerful, or special. Good Lord, he even won the 2014 Skeptic of the Year Award! Do you have any idea what type of shunt you have to be to win that? A big one.
Take a look at Hank’s blog. Here’s a free plug This is years of online abuse, documenting and filing 1000’s of people’s online lives, everything they say, do, post, like or comment on. Hank will screenshot it, pull it out of context, distort, lie, cheat, and steal to demonise anyone who has a different narrative to Bad Pharma’s.You see, Hank is a special type of turd. Relentless and irrepressible. Like all turds though he ultimately left too many skid marks. Those skid marks have led all the way back to the real and dirty Reasonable Hank.
I thought long and hard about exposing this creep to the world. I’m a sucker at heart, very forgiving and every now and again I have been thoroughly entertained by Hank. His blogs on me have been wonderful reading and some are truly funny. I especially liked his Hulk video of me  (though I have lately been informed it was one of the originals, disgraced Skeptic clown’s work). Anyways, I felt pity for the poor, misguided fool on his Bad Pharma mission. I mean the poor bugger actually believes the Pharma lies. I expressed this sentiment to a few of our fellow foot soldiers who, as one, cried exactly the same thing. Go take another look at his blog.
So I did, and they were right, Pete has spent so many deranged years posting defamatory blogs, orchestrating and making group complaints about the brave nurses and midwives willing to take a stand against Bad Pharma, posting their workplace details ( including pictures), attacking anyone or anything to do with natural medicine, working in cahoots with one of the shittiest media barons in history (the psychotic Rupert Murdoch and his pack of F Grade media dogs). The most appalling part of this man is the fact that he works alongside nurses at Ballina Hospital (can you believe Hank is a physiotherapist) where, no doubts, he documents any poor nurse willing to express even the slightest doubts about Bad Pharma’s maniacal vaccine schedule. So without further ado,
Here’s Hank…..

Peter Tiernan courtesy of his public facebook page which has now been deleted.


Seriously Hank, who wears shitty half jeans, half denim shorts like this?


A special shout out to the great detective work of Breana Elizabeth and Belgin Colak who have worked tirelessly over the last few months with me tracking this slime ball’s every move. It’s time for us all to focus on the real enemy here, Bad Pharma, and unite a movement that will need cohesion and unity to defeat the multi billion dollar Pharma machine and their toxic media and political buddies.

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18 Responses to Reasonable Hank Exposed

  1. John Cunningham says:

    All good except that ain’t him! Thanks for the laughs.


  2. Chris says:

    Nice work, and nice write up. Some frickin funny quotes in there.


  3. julie Miller says:

    Great work all 🙂 Unreasonable Hank needed to be exposed with his identity. Peter Tiernan has been vilifying parents; attacking nurses; attacking those who want medical freedom and choice. He has personally made sure people have been sacked. He has given personal details to employers. He has secretly attacked most nurses at the hospital where he works . (would love to see his emails!) He has been deplorable in his actions. It was about time we all found out his real name. He cannot hide behind the Reasonable Hank Persona anymore. For this I am very grateful to you all. Thank you 🙂


    • MindBody says:

      Hi Julie,
      the behaviours you are attributing to Peter Tiernan clearly are a close match to the behaviours shown by Reasonable Hank, who clearly has said some very threatening things under his real identity. The second picture form the bottom (The Facebook quote)”Every time you utter your dangerous bullshit you make me more determined to see the end of you” really amounts to threats to kill, or at least criminal assault. If you have any hard evidence at all it needs to be pursued, as the behaviours you describe breach all codes of conduct for any AHPRA registered professional. His only excuse would be being psychiatrically ill at the time.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Georgia says:

    Funny how some are tweeting silly inane banal things of no relevance what-so-ever, with no concept of what it might mean if this 95% likely election win goes through…urm no sorry mate…that’s DOCTOR Wakefield…yes, that is right please say DOCTOR Wakefield. Yup please do not choke on it – DOCTOR Wakefield.

    You know that is the quality of their research.

    Let’s find out how significant the Thompson hearing really will be without the gatekeepers.


  5. Georgia says:

    The smoke screen between the media and this “fella”, what ever their excuse across multiple layers shows how we got to this place. Be it invested interest, careers, not knowing what to do, or in some cases straight out psychopathy and institutional psychopathy amplifying across the scales is exactly what has led us to this place in denial of the truth of what real health is. I realise that this person is not aware of this, and think that they are acting for the greater good. I hope that this opens the pathway for change. Vaccine damage is real, and that is only the start of how many people have been cheated out of their birthright of superior health and mental functioning. NO MORE. EVERY ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO BE WELL ACROSS ALL FACULTIES.

    Let’s remember to forgive. And hope this is the beginning of the movement of change for truth where people will no longer be pitted against each other because of so many lies, “best” intentions and money.


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  8. Michael Beahan says:

    Wow. Like every little attack on vaccines in this post you actually have no evidence at all. Conjecture and heresay.

    Why did peter not respond to an sms that called him hank. Well my first thought is he thought it was a wrong number.

    Anyway even if you have got the right person, which you have no evidence of, hank is dobbing in nurses who are putting people at risk, not based off of medical science but their opinion.

    They are not allowed to do that. If a nurse has an opinion about a treatment they keep it to themselves. Their job is medical. Not personal.


    • Georgia says:

      People are entitled to their opinions, we don’t live in a medical dictatorship yet. Although I’m sure you’d love to shove it all down our throats.


  9. Michael Beahan says:

    I love how civil responses which point out your failures in logic get censored out.

    Why do you hide so much?


  10. Christine Walker says:

    All very interesting, but this gives no explanation as to why you think the man pictured is Reasonable Hank?


    • Georgia says:

      Gee, ever get that feeling where there are just so many strange and overlapping co-incidences??? You know where you are dealing with those everyday conspiracies like lying family members, or co-workers…gee that never happens…life is perfect and dandy. Two very similar names, one that can easily be altered slightly for certain correspondence, both of them friends with a journalist who works closely on this issue with the sceptic team (odd name though considering they are true believers), linked closely with a well known family that endured a loss. Really…O yeah and if two different men call the radio for an interview it means there are two different men with two different voices – what does that prove??? Wonder if any police have really knocked on Brett’s door stating they have met both men with two different sets of ID’s living 1000 km apart. I do not think so. All bluff. Everyone is still waiting for evidence on both sides.


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  14. Annette Allard says:

    Reasonable Hank is not this guy…it’s a man by the name of Kenneth McLeod. When I called him Hank on facebook, his posts immediately stopped and 3 other people jumped to his rescue claiming they were hank. However, this slime ball reported many nurses for anti-vaccine views. He has reported over 80 according to the ANMF and is a well known troll….


  15. John May says:

    Ya Fucken Slime


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