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The goals of fightPHARMAcorruption  is to  fight Big Pharma corruption in Australia.

Australian Sceptics 

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a sceptic is defined as, “a person inclined to question or doubt accepted opinions”.  Sceptics are generally considered to be people who take nothing at face value. They want to see the proof for themselves and don’t accept what they are told unless they can see the evidence with their own eyes.

In today’s society, conflicting opinions, vested interests and the rule of law seem more likely to be governed by an unquestioned, all-powerful scientific elite than by evidence and transparent access to information.  There are many who feel that Australia has become a scientocracy – where ‘scientists’ enact and determine legislation for their own reasons – rather than a democracy – a nation governed of, by and for the citizens.

In a climate such as this, it is so important to be a sceptic and to be able to recognise the difference between REAL scepticism and, what is far more common, pseudo (or false) scepticism.

REAL sceptics take responsibility for themselves and their families by doing their own research and making their own choices. These choices are unaffected by popular beliefs and unswayed by the mob mentality evident in so many government and medical community decisions today.

National Vaccine Information Center

Skeptical About Skeptics examines the ill-informed attacks leveled by these pseudoskeptics. With articles by well-known scientists and thinkers they reveal their faulty critiques and the underhanded methods they employ. They highlight controversies in specific fields of research and shine a light on prominent skeptics and skeptical organizations. T

The Australian VaccinationSkeptics Network, formerly known as the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN). Information and support for people who are concerned about vaccination risks.

Vaccination Decisions features articles by Dr Judy Wilyman Phd  to assist you in making an informed decision about vaccination

VAIS is an information resource supporting non-vaccinators and those willing to question and investigate the practice of vaccination.

Meryl Dorey’s articles