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AS A PARENT ARE YOU AWARE THAT… ° Media personalities and parent information sites are being used by big pharma to make you buy their products, including vaccines? ° Media companies are using NATIVE advertising on you? Vaccination has been … Continue reading

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Corruption Watch: Catherine Hughes quietly appointed to government advisory body

Catherine Hughes has been appointed to the SKAI Advisory Group, which will provide advice on the scientific direction and governance of the SKAI Collaboration, a three year project funded by Australian taxpayers via the federal Department of Health. The SKAI Advisory … Continue reading

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2018 Cracks In The Pro Vaxer Wall? Even t

By Unvaccinated Australia Admin team I made a prediction, a few years back, that it would be 5-10 years before Pharma’s Vaccine House of Cards toppled over. That was in 2014 when Pharma/Murdoch corrupted governments all over Australia started down … Continue reading

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