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Christmas Cheer from Reasonable Hank

Everyone knows I’ve followed the ‘career’ of that serial, anonymous, online coward and slanderous blogger Reasonable Hank (it’s hard not to, all slugs leave slime in their tracks). The stupidity and evil core of most humans never ceases to amaze … Continue reading

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Pseudoskeptics Strange CSICOP connections to pedophilia

Pedophilia Atheists and Pseudoskeptics The lifelong dedication of pseudoskeptics to irrationally attacking religious and spiritual institutions and ESP is so gross and organised and widespread and so robotically repeated by thousands in lockstep, that one suspects it’ some kind of … Continue reading

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Prometheus Books and the pseudoskeptical perversions: another insane and frightening possible consequences of metaphysical naturalism and materialis

From the taken down blog Subversive Thinking  SUNDAY, JANUARY 4, 2009 Prometheus Books is the leading publisher of pseudoskeptical, materialist, secular humanist and atheist books in U.S. According to wikipedia “Prometheus Books is a publishing company founded in August 1969 … Continue reading

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Why Skeptics are non believers?

This article was captured October 2013  and is from the former blog Subversive thinking  subversivethinking.blogspotdotcom Many who loudly advertise themselves as skeptics are actually disbelievers. Properly, a skeptic is a nonbeliever, a person who refuses to jump to conclusions based … Continue reading

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Pro-Pedophile views in the False Memory Syndrome Foundation

Most famous skeptic ever, active since 1964 James Randi sits on the board of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. Read more about it here FALSE MEMORY SYNDROME FOUNDATION: QUESTIONABLE BOARD MEMBERS TIED TO THE CIA’S MKULTRA PROGRAM AND CHILD ABUSE  James … Continue reading

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Jane Hansen, Reasonable Hank, and Murdoch’s dirty vaccine war!

Ok, so as promised here is blog 2 of our 3 blog series on the exposing of serial stalker/doxer Reasonable Hank. So less than 5 days after we posted our first blog identifying Peter Tiernan as our friendly serial online … Continue reading

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Reasonable Hank Exposed

By Brett Smith   So, how many of you out there have ever been defamed and slandered by that serial online stalker and pest, Peter Tierney, aka Reasonable Hank? Jeez, that many? I knew there’d be a lot but I … Continue reading

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