This is an opinion blog. My opinions can be taken with an atom of shit, if you so desire. However, as is obvious, I like to use a lot of screenshots of publicly available images, which are used under Fair Dealing.

I like (real) evidence. I like it a lot. And, I like evidence to remain even after it has been removed by those who hide things in retrospect. Many of these publicly available images are taken from public Facebook posts.

As per Facebook user agreements, you allow anyone to use your public posts in any manner they wish, just by signing into Facebook. If you don’t like it, go private, or leave Facebook.

I will sometimes present information from a private forum, but, only in the public interest.

I am a health care professional. I am a scientist. I stand on the shoulders of giants & rely heavily on them, and their (non Bad Pharma) evidence. I am an above average schmuck who dislikes the hypocrisy, lack of empathy, lack of integrity, lack of ethics, and lack of evidence by Skeptics who would want you to believe them to be devoid of those traits. And I dislike it when they do it for your hard-earned, and to the detriment of public health.

I live in a rented house. I drive a 1979 holden ute . I loathe Big Pharma , Skeptics, & their horrible bastard offspring, Friends of Science & Medicine.