Sue Ieraci: You are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts

by Pedro Tierney

Just when I thought that the paid trolls working with the hate group, Stop the AVN, couldn’t possibly get any more ignorant, along comes Sue Ieraci.


This is Skeptic Dr Sue Ieraci

For those of you who are not aware of her, Sue Ieraci works in the Emergency Medicine Department at Bankstown Hospital in NSW.  She has written many opinion pieces for the Medical Journal of Australia and lists her specialties as:

Problem-solving, teaching and training, cognitive skills within health, change negotiation, clinical culture, liaison between government and clinicians, communication between clinicians and health system planners and architects.

Sounds pretty impressive, right?


How can a busy Emergency Doctor respond to social media comments within a moments notice any time of the day or night ?

Why then, is Sue able to respond to tweets and other social media comments within moments of them being posted at nearly any time of the day or night? How can a busy emergency department doctor possibly do this?

I believe that Sue is a paid troll employed by vested interests to smack down anyone who comes out questioning either the safety or efficacy of vaccines. It is possible that she has a team of sub-trolls working under her which would account for the speed of her responses, but that is merely speculation on my part. Perhaps they have a bank of computers under a bridge somewhere?


If Sue is being paid by these interests, that money is not being well spent. She has a long history of completely obtuse and ignorant comments, which even a medical neophyte would be ashamed to make.


Below is an example pulled from a recent Twitter thread.

Meryl Dorey from the AVN had posted an article from a neuroscience newspaper, reporting on a study in the peer-reviewed journal, Cancer Medicine, stating that infection with chicken pox (Varicella) during childhood appeared to be protective against brain cancer in later life.Within a very short time, a person using the Tweet handle @Chiclanagirl, tweeted:

“…children died in thousands when there were no vaccinations. Measles alone was a killer.”

Meryl responded with a graph, sourced from official Australian government data, to show that there was a greater than 99% decline in deaths from measles prior to the introduction of the measles vaccine in 1970.

@Chiclanagirl’s response was to end the conversation and block Ms Dorey.

That was OK, but what happened next nearly beggars belief!

Here is the graph posted by Ms Dorey. It shows the decline in deaths from both measles (which we vaccinated against starting in 1970) and scarlet fever (which we never vaccinated against at all).GraphGregBeattie

Sue Ieraci entered the fray and her comments demonstrate not only a very loose relationship with the truth, but an ability to ignore evidence and data that would make a religious fanatic proud!


Ms Dorey was rightly confused about this comment. After all, she was demonstrating that the measles vaccine played no role in reducing mortality from measles whatsoever – and Sue Ieraci was claiming that antibiotics had some role to play here.

What Sue was trying to say was that measles deaths declined because of vaccines (which did not start until more than 20 years after they were very close to zero in Australia) and scarlet fever deaths declined due to antibiotics, which did not become widely available here until the mid to late 1950s.

Sue’s response was as follows:


There is obviously a screw or two loose here. Because the graph that Sue published showed EXACTLY the same information as the one posted by Ms Dorey – only it was from the UK instead of Australia and only covered deaths from scarlet fever – not measles.

Ms Dorey’s response was to reiterate that in the UK, deaths had fallen from 5,000 per annum in 1901 to about zero in 1948 – about the same time that antibiotics were widely used in the UK.

Unbelievably, when questioned again about how these graphs could have possibly been used to prove the effectiveness of either measles vaccine or antibiotics, Sue replied with:


It’s truly embarrassing! Is Sue really as ignorant as she seems? I doubt it to be honest. Though medical school is filled with brainwashing and propaganda, it does take a certain level of intelligence to be accepted into the programme and to graduate from it.

The only conclusion I can draw from this is that Sue is neither blind nor stupid – she is simply being paid a no-doubt princely sum to defend blindness and stupidity.

No Sue, you are not entitled to your own facts – anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together can see – in fact, even Blind Freddy can see – that government data from around the world shows clearly that neither antibiotics nor vaccinations were involved in the decline in mortality from either of these diseases.

The fact that you can’t – or won’t – accept this, demonstrates the depth of corruption in your involvement on social media.

The measles vaccine did not save lives.

Antibiotics did not eradicate scarlet fever.

And, in case you were wondering – the emperor HAS no clothes.

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15 Responses to Sue Ieraci: You are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts

  1. Stacey Watts says:

    Vaccinations shouldn’t be mandatory for health care workers but psychiatric evaluations should be.
    I think this woman seems to be obsessed and distracted from her role in emergency care. Just my opinion of course 🙂

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    • angela coral eisenhauer says:

      The person moderating the FOSM group, is not a doctor, or anyone knowledgeable, I believe just another facebook page, paying operators to post, the cheapest sites to arrange this at present are from India. It becomes obvious that they are just paid commentators (ie trolls), English is NOT their first language, translation software, not always the best, and they tend to get muddled, ie scarlet fever/ measles which A REAL DOCTOR would not do (unless of course they are pissed, perhaps?).


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  3. Dee says:

    She’s just one of the paid bloggers that Big Pharma have working for them – they advertise regularly for work from home mums to do their dirty work for them and pay them for it. Most of them are absolute idiots who are talking out of the part of the anatomy they sit on.

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  4. She alone is a weapon of mass destruction and deception

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  5. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Sue Ieraci ia also one of 7 Executive Members of Big Pharma’s lobby group, the Friends of “cherry-picking” Science in Medicine, whose sole aim is to destroy the teaching, practice and funding of natural medicines and therapies.


    While the FSM was launched on the 20 December 2011, its association was registered with New South Wales (NSW) Department of Fair Trading on 13 February 2012.

    FSM Executive

    Our executive includes:
    President and first Principal – Emeritus Prof John Dwyer;
    Vice-President – Emeritus Prof Alastair MacLennan;
    Vice-President – Prof Rob Morrison;
    Treasurer – Prof Marcello Costa;
    Secretary, Chief Executive Officer and web administrator – Loretta Marron;
    Ordinary Member – Dr Sue Ieraci; and
    Ordinary Member – Dr Ken Harvey

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  6. The corruption and conflicts of interests has never changed and in fact has continued to get much worse > all those involved should be prosecuted and held totally responsible and accountable for their deviousness and deception that has grossly violated our most sacred of rights, i.e. Individual Rights to INFORMED CONSENT to treatment/individual rights to refuse treatment – where are all the Lawyers who can go after these people?

    Corrupt to the Core
    Conflicts of Interest in Vaccine Policy Making
    Vaccine Info Net
    Majority Staff Report
    Committee on Government Reform
    U.S. House of Representatives
    June 15, 2000
    Section I
    In August 1999, the Committee on Government Reform initiated an investigation into Federal vaccine policy. Over the last six months, this investigation has focused on possible conflicts of interest on the part of Federal policy-makers. Committee staff has conducted an extensive review of financial disclosure forms and related documents, and interviewed key officials from the Department of Health and Human Services, including the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
    This staff report focuses on two influential advisory committees utilized by Federal regulators to provide expert advice on vaccine policy:
    1. The FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC); and
    2. The CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunizations Practices (ACIP).
    The VRBPAC advises the FDA on the licensing of new vaccines, while the ACIP advises the CDC on guidelines to be issued to doctors and the states for the appropriate use of vaccines.
    Members of the advisory committees are required to disclose any financial conflicts of interest and recuse themselves from participating in decisions in which they have an interest. The Committee’s investigation has determined that conflict of interest rules employed by the FDA and the CDC have been weak, enforcement has been lax, and committee members with substantial ties to pharmaceutical companies have been given waivers to participate in committee proceedings. Among the specific problems identified in this staff report:
    § The CDC routinely grants waivers from conflict of interest rules to every member of its advisory committee.
    § CDC Advisory Committee members who are not allowed to vote on certain recommendations due to financial conflicts of interest are allowed to participate in committee deliberations and advocate specific positions.
    § The Chairman of the CDC’s advisory committee until very recently owned 600 shares of stock in Merck, a pharmaceutical company with an active vaccine division.
    § Members of the CDC’s advisory Committee often fill out incomplete financial disclosure statements, and are not required to provide the missing information by CDC ethics officials.
    § Four out of eight CDC advisory committee members who voted to approve guidelines for the rotavirus vaccine in June 1998 had financial ties to pharmaceutical companies that were developing different versions of the vaccine.
    § 3 out of 5 FDA advisory committee members who voted to approve the rotavirus vaccine in December 1997 had financial ties to pharmaceutical companies that were developing different versions of the vaccine.


    • angela coral eisenhauer says:

      FDA whooping cough………………………. just google it or the full reference got blocked 16 damn times by and SI? I dont know, on that page. After 16 times, blocked, I got the message, that is not a peer reviewed paper? wtf? FDA report, not good enough? And got blocked. Seems Sue Ieraci busy making her Kewpie dolls, to answer, well what does an nurse (?) dr (?) in an ER room know about pathology………….. Not much it seems, and yes I know my pathology, and dont make kewpie dolls, and dont shill for payment. That is why I am a very emotionally happy, seriously poor person.


    • angela coral eisenhauer says:

      lyme cryme watch that video…………………… heartbreaking, the corruption………….


  7. Joe says:

    Some of them are paid, some are misinformed, some are psychopaths and some are combinations. Bacterial or viral it is clear mortality was severely reduced in either bacterial or viral infections through basic public health measures. Not to mention how much more alt practitioners know now. Thanks rockefeller education you have destroyed the human race.

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    • angela coral eisenhauer says:

      No they paid, all links back to Science in Medicine, and all those pretend charity pages. read the crap that Science in Medicine posted on whooping cough, written by a pharmacist (?) fake photoshopped photo, fake links to a page of someone antivaccine (?) those pages all now closed? OMG< if they gonna spew bullshit, at least be better at the fraud?


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  9. Kaye Chalmers Gooey says:

    Just loved reading your post. I’ve long thought that Sue must have been a paid troll as it would be impossible for her to make so many comments on so many different pages that I follow, such as Sweet Poison; That sugar film; Pete Evans , Wheat Belly and many more. She calls people stupid etc, gets her friends to come on and post derogatory comments. Then claims that she did no such thing. A little search of her Facebook page told me otherwise. Sue claims that she is not over weight or obese herself. Hasn’t she seen her own double chin. Sue is extremely proud of being blocked by many and of course is part of those groups that call themselves Blocked by xxxxxxxx.. there are quite a few. Once again your post makes good sense.


    • angela coral eisenhauer says:

      Wow, try and follow the THOUSANDS of posts made daily by a paid troll in USA, that non lawyer, or failed lawyer that works for pharma, her name is, um? Dorit Reiss, who manages to post, personally at 3.00am California time(?) while being a teacher(?) and having a 3 year old and a 6 month old baby? Which she proudly shows photos of having 6 months shots, that ARE NOT RECOMMENDED UNTIL 12 MONTHS OLD. Poor babies, advertising props for her, hope someone reports her to child welfare, poor babies.


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