Reasonable Hank – Expert Defamer & Attacker of Grieving Parent

 Written By Bob Smith

Sunday, 24 June 2012

The blogger who calls himself Reasonable Hank, sometimes Reasonable_Hank or ReasonableHank (Peter Tierney) is popular with Pro Pharma Shills & Internet Bullies for reasons that are obvious.

In the past, Tierney has associated himself with the image of ‘Alf Stewart’ a ficticious character portrayed by Ray Meagher on the hit Channel Seven TV Series, “Home and Away”.

 The personna of ‘Alf Stewart’ is affectionately described by others as a ‘good natured rogue with a finger in every pie’

Anyone who associates themselves with such a well liked (and easy to relate to) ficticious character must be a fairly reasonable guy, right? (after all, the assertion is even included in the alias ‘Reasonable Hank’). Makes Sense!

Although Tierney likes to peg himself as a protector and advocate of Children’s Heath (a popular and noble cause amongst others with a public image to maintain) he is in actual fact a liar, an expert defamer, a hypocrite and, perhaps even a stooge (after all, he does refer to himself as being on ‘shift’ in his latest twitter offering) :

Freudian Slip?

Tierney claims to be pro-choice, yet after reading his blogs, any sane person could easily be forgiven for concluding that Tierney perceives ANYONE who is vocal about vaccine dangers as fair game to be labelled a ‘liar’, an ‘anti-vaccine zealot’ and a ‘danger to others’.

Why for instance, is he only interested in persecuting the little people, those who stand between pharmaceutical companies testing their own vaccines for safety, the same companies who are above and beyond being held liable for their product?

A true advocate for the health and wellbeing of ALL children would acknowledge vaccine injury, and play an active role in pressuring Government Bodies to take measures to effectively reduce the risk and ensure that vaccines are suited to ALL, not downplay the risks, or at worst, pretend that they do not exist. That is a LIE, and a massive injustice to our kids.

Fact. The current vaccine schedule (which has changed alot in recent years) has never once been studied as a whole for safety. EVER. If your doctor says it has, challenge him/her to show you evidence. Since there is allegedly so much of it around, it shouldn’t be all that difficult to produce, right? Don’t let your doctor off the hook. Do not accept strawmen. Demand to know where the studies are. Be vocal. Speak up and inform others who may have been misguided by mainstream dogma.

Fact. Vaccines are NOT one size fits all. Why for example, are vaccines the ONLY injectible medicine that seem to be excluded from weight-adjusted dosage? (i.e. a 3kg newborn is administered EXACTLY the same dosage of Hep B vaccine as a 30 kg child).

If the argument for vaccines is so clear cut, then why won’t Tierney address these genuine and very real concerns, rather than attacking and smearing all those who he labels ‘anti-vax’ and a ‘menace to public health’?

Is he really serious about improving public confidence in vaccines, thus improving vaccine uptake, or is he only interested in smearing and villifying all those who are vocal about their concerns?

Now, back to Tierney’s site itself. reaches a small, radicalized audience of other like-minded bullies who thrive in an environment of fear, hatred and demonization. Don’t take my word for it.
Scroll through some of the spiteful and demeaning pro-vax/anti-choice comments that he refuses to censor. Tierney practically encourages this sort of behaviour, as long as he is not at the receiving end of it, of course.

Trend Micro has in the past flagged Tierney’s above mentioned site for allegedly being ‘dangerous’. He admits that it was flagged, however he offers no rational explanation for this suspicious phenomenon, except to blame these warnings on ‘anti-vaxers’ who he claims are trying to silence him. Tierney again offers no proof of this bizzare claim and expects his brain-dead subscribers to swallow his outlandish conspiracy theories hook, line and sinker.
He also doesn’t make much of a secret of the fact that his site seems to harvest the IP addresses of visitors. A big red flag right there.

Poor Tierney. A victim of spam, he claims. It appears to be the first and only time he’s addressed this ‘problem’, so anyone with a working brain has to wonder why he would have any interest in collecting IP addresses to begin with.

In one of his latest posts, Tierney criticizes Meryl Dorey for allegedly attacking a grieving family who have been vocal and outspoken supporters of vaccines. Link to his blog post :

While I do not wish to comment on anything Dorey is alleged to have said or done this regard, I will draw your attention to Tierney’s earlier post :

Here we can see that he and his supporters are clearly attacking Stephanie Messenger, Author of ‘Melanie’s Marvellous Measles’, an outspoken opponent on vaccinations after the tragic loss of her child following a triple antigen vaccine.

If you scroll through the replies on Tierney’s above blog post, one person even goes so far as to claim that Stephanies child did not infact die of vaccine related causes, and suggests that Stephanie Messenger is lying.
Such is the respect that this freedom-hating brigade of people have for those who speak up against the very real and well documented dangers of vaccines.

We can see from Tierney’s links (here and here, he calls them), he is well aware of Stephanies background with regards to the death of her child. This doesn’t stop him however from writing a vicious smear post about Ms Messenger, or, from encouraging others to do the same.

To see the extent of damage that this horrible thing has done, (I call Tierney a ‘thing’ for want of a better word, he seems to operate without a conscience)  one only needs to conduct a google search on the name Stephanie Messenger.

Dan Buzzard is also a close associate of Reasonable Hank, and often writes his own blogs on the same topic within several hours of Tierney’s blogs becoming public. He is equally as scathing, hypocritical and dishonest.

Make no mistake, this pair are operating in tandem. Their strategy is deliberate and operates on the basic principal of human psychology.  By co-ordinating blog posts that are written within a very short time frame of each other and on identical subjects, their goal is to make it look as though it has unanimously been decided that their target is of unsound state of mind.
There are of course, other players in this charade, but these two appear to be the main ringleaders.

Stop the Australian Vaccination Network, a splinter group to the Australian Skeptics , has an appalling history for infultrating personal FB groups, stalkerish monitoring of AVN’s Facebook Fan Page, to taking multiple screenshots and holding ordinary caring parents up for public riddicule. Tierney is one of several group administrators to this ‘hate club’ :

Is it any surprise to learn that a prominent member of Australian Skeptics had in the past, funded a rather expensive pro-vaccine advertisement, urging parents to steer clear of sourcing their vaccine information from sites such as The Australian Vaccination Network?

This is another blogger’s interesting take on The Australian Skeptics and their push to ‘peel back the initiatives made with regards to Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)’
I urge you to have a read and share this information widely :

When examining all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle as a whole, it leads one to ask the next obvious question.

Are the premium websites & vicious cluster of smear posts (the ones that seek to villify those with an interest in CAM, and those who are outspoken opponents of vaccination) being funded by a third party, perhaps one with vested interests in the pharmaceutical industry?

Your guess is as good as mine. If so, it’s certainly a heavily guarded secret.

Here is another lovely example where Tierney ‘respectfully’ blogs about the ‘homeopath to Wolverine’  (does he mean Hugh Jackman?)

So much time on his hands to criticise it seems, but so little to do anything else that might actually be POSITIVE.

Tierney’s ilk, the Anti-Choice, Freedom-Crushing flock seem to respect no boundaries.
They are a threat to freedom of truthful information, and their callous disregard for the real damage that vaccines do is a slap in the face to a generation of neurologically impaired, vaccine-injured children.