The “Skeptics”

The Australian Skeptics  Inc ( ) and its associates Friends and Science in Medicine and Stop the AVN (SAVN). They were originally set up to be skeptical of anything in science and medicine. There are many groups set up around the world that are skeptical of everything. When Australia  who claim they are skeptical about pseudo science but are far from skeptical and  are conformist They attack and humiliate anyone who is skeptical of mainstream opinions some examples are vaccination, 9/11 events, JFK shooting, fluoride in the water,  GMOs in the food, Chiropractors. Usually their tactics are online forum and conducted anonymously. They advocate for the government’s immunisation policy. Subscribers of this confederation refer to all individuals questioning vaccines as “anti-vaxers” which is now used to describe them on all mainstream media .  This is a misrepresentation of many consumers speaking against the number of vaccines on the schedule who advocate for choice. The title “Australian Skeptics” can be easily confused with one of the more prominent groups, “Australian Skeptics Inc.” which is based in Sydney and is one of the central organising groups within the Australian Skeptics.

According to Wikepedia

Australian Skeptics was founded in Melbourne Victoria in 1980, after Sydney electronics entrepreneur Dick Smith sponsored a visit to Australia by creepy former magician  James Randi, principal investigator for the American-based Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP), now known as the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI), part of the non-profit organisation Center for Inquiry (CFI), which are joint publishers of the Skeptical Inquirer.