Reasonable Hank Exposed

By Brett Smith


Internet-Troll.jpgSo, how many of you out there have ever been defamed and slandered by that serial online stalker and pest, Peter Tierney, aka Reasonable Hank? Jeez, that many? I knew there’d be a lot but I really didn’t know there was that many. it should not come as a surprise though because dirty Pete has been at it for years now. At least seven that I know of.

See in the early days, back in the 2000’s the vaccine debate was reasonably civil, people were entitled to their own opinions on vaccination and it was generally respected. I mean if you vaccinated your kids they were totally safe right? Safe from those filthy, unvaccinated little monsters? Vaccines work right? It’s amazing more of these dirty little unvaccinated virus bags aren’t dying? Strange.
Alas, those days are long gone. Since those golden years, the monster that is Bad Pharma has gone totally rogue. Their new business models revolve around not only vaccinating every man, woman, and child on the planet, but making sure every one of these sad souls has to get a yearly booster shot for every known virus known to man. And a few synthetic ones they have whipped up in the Merck labs.
Sadly, thanks to the able assistance of a few psychotic media barons around the world, yes you are one of them Murdoch, poor old General Public fell for this hook, line, and sinker. These poor fools would pirouette through the Gates of Hell if the Daily Terrorgraph told em it was good.
It was then the Australian Skeptics and their low life, bastard offspring, the Friends of Science in Medicine signed up to the lead the charge. Back in the early days their go-to-guys were a couple of silly old buggers, Ken McLeod and Peter Bowditch. These two clowns were basically just a bit of comic relief in a debate no one really cared about. In their crazed desires to draw attention to their cause they soon disgraced themselves with plenty of deranged YouTube videos, and more sinisterly, the stalking and harassment of a pioneer vaccine safety activist Meryl Dorey. Soon even other Skeptic trolls crossed the street when they saw these cretins approaching.
Then along came a Bad Pharma wet dream. I mean where do you find a semi-coherent bloke, semi-articulate, can spell, amusing at times and willing to spend 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, including Xmas and New Years Eve, online, stalking, abusing, slandering, defaming, woman, vaccine damaged families, naturopaths, homeopaths, chiros, nurses, widwives, doctors, you name it, if Bad Pharma didn’t approve this killer attack poodle was skitched on them. Where could you possibly find an ever ready bunny like this?
Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 12.08.42 am.png

Since November 2009 Reasonable Hank has written 45, 258 Tweets

Along comes our steaming pile of poo, Reasonable Hank. Now like most effective Pharma trolls and cowards, of course, he had to remain anonymous. You can’t spend your entire waking life slandering all of these poor vaccine damaged families and also have the courage to do it under your own name. So no, Hank, in a crafty bit of wordsmanship altered his name from Peter Tiernan to Peter Tierney. Nice one Shank. nudge nudge wink wink.
To add to the delight of Bad Pharma, Pete was a true believer. Poor misguided Hank actually believed he had the moral high ground, a crusader. A saviour even? Belief is everything, as you know, and our good friend Tierney was the fully monty.
See, and this is where the story becomes sad, Pete was very closely linked to a family that tragically lost their child to whooping cough. No family should have to endure grieving like this. Ever. This is not an event that either ‘side’ should highjack for their own message. Of course that is exactly what happens. These poor families then become the centre of a debate they did not ask to be involved with. The tragedy is compounded by the fact that the whooping cough vaccine is not only totally ineffective it actually spreads transmission of the disease. The sooner some Bad Pharma executives do some jail time for this the better.
So Hank was born. Hank was frickn tireless and in 7 years his output has been nothing short of impressive. The mountains of victims in his path would make Stalin proud. Even George Bush. Years down the track Hank is still hard at, day in day out. Big problem for Pete though is Hank became part of his psyche. It’s the only thing Pete has ever been good at. It’s the only thing that ever made him feel important, powerful, or special. Good Lord, he even won the 2014 Skeptic of the Year Award! Do you have any idea what type of shunt you have to be to win that? A big one.
Take a look at Hank’s blog. Here’s a free plug This is years of online abuse, documenting and filing 1000’s of people’s online lives, everything they say, do, post, like or comment on. Hank will screenshot it, pull it out of context, distort, lie, cheat, and steal to demonise anyone who has a different narrative to Bad Pharma’s.You see, Hank is a special type of turd. Relentless and irrepressible. Like all turds though he ultimately left too many skid marks. Those skid marks have led all the way back to the real and dirty Reasonable Hank.
I thought long and hard about exposing this creep to the world. I’m a sucker at heart, very forgiving and every now and again I have been thoroughly entertained by Hank. His blogs on me have been wonderful reading and some are truly funny. I especially liked his Hulk video of me  (though I have lately been informed it was one of the originals, disgraced Skeptic clown’s work). Anyways, I felt pity for the poor, misguided fool on his Bad Pharma mission. I mean the poor bugger actually believes the Pharma lies. I expressed this sentiment to a few of our fellow foot soldiers who, as one, cried exactly the same thing. Go take another look at his blog.
So I did, and they were right, Pete has spent so many deranged years posting defamatory blogs, orchestrating and making group complaints about the brave nurses and midwives willing to take a stand against Bad Pharma, posting their workplace details ( including pictures), attacking anyone or anything to do with natural medicine, working in cahoots with one of the shittiest media barons in history (the psychotic Rupert Murdoch and his pack of F Grade media dogs). The most appalling part of this man is the fact that he works alongside nurses at Ballina Hospital (can you believe Hank is a physiotherapist) where, no doubts, he documents any poor nurse willing to express even the slightest doubts about Bad Pharma’s maniacal vaccine schedule. So without further ado,
Here’s Hank…..

Peter Tiernan courtesy of his public facebook page which has now been deleted.


Seriously Hank, who wears shitty half jeans, half denim shorts like this?


A special shout out to the great detective work of Breana Elizabeth and Belgin Colak who have worked tirelessly over the last few months with me tracking this slime ball’s every move. It’s time for us all to focus on the real enemy here, Bad Pharma, and unite a movement that will need cohesion and unity to defeat the multi billion dollar Pharma machine and their toxic media and political buddies.

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An Experience with Vaccination Gatekeepers, Brian Martin

Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective

Author Information: Brian Martin, University of Wollongong,

Martin, Brian. “An Experience with Vaccination Gatekeepers.” Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective 5, no. 10 (2016): 27-33.

The PDF of the article gives specific page numbers. Shortlink:

Please refer to:


Image credit: Jennifer Moo, via flickr

For those promoting vaccination, one option is censoring critics, but this could be counterproductive. The response of editors of two journals suggests that even raising this possibility is unwelcome.


For several years, I have been writing about the Australian vaccination…

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Jill Hennessy Lies Exposed


by a Vaccine Injured Mum

On Thursday 20 th October at 8:32pm, The Herald Sun broke what would become front-page news: a story so important that it was covered by all the major TV networks and leading online news sites across the country. The article, titled: “Jill Hennessey gets abusive tweets from anti-vaccine campaigners”, discusses vaccine injury denialist Jill Hennessey and the online bullying she has been subjected to. The article contains a video of Jill, the Victorian Health Minister, who holds an Arts Law degree and has no qualification in health, reading out 14 abusive tweets she allegedly received. You’ll soon discover that it was however, all just one big exaggerated lie.

The morning of these allegations, many Australians woke to the incredible news that at least a dozen senior scientists at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) emerged as whistleblowers. They allege that the CDC is cooking data to ensure that results of studies represent the most favourable outcome for corporations and that of political interests rather than the citizens it is supposed to protect. These allegations also confirm what Dr. William Thompson, a whistleblower and senior scientist at the CDC, stated in 2015 about scientific fraud in a study which found a causal link between vaccines and autism. You can read his public statement here.

Given that many regulatory bodies around the world, including the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and the Australian Department of Health rely on some of the studies conducted by the CDC to determine the safety of products sold in this country, one would expect that if the CDCs credibility was called into question, it would spark the interest of the Australian media.

Rather than report on this astonishing news, the media went into overdrive to cover the story of Jill and the relentless cyber bullying she endured from the “well organised” anti-vaxxers. Her plight to gain public sympathy however, appeared to be nothing more than an attempt to try and discredit those in the pro-choice movement who were once pro-vaccine like Jill, but stopped vaccinating due to the suffering their children endured for the sake of the “greater good”. This story, profiling Jill as the victim, can only be seen as a move that is straight out of the Manipulating Public Opinion playbook.

Following suspicion of the authenticity of this story, an investigator commenced a search to see how much truth lay behind these claims. Their findings were shocking, but were we really surprised by their revelations? Let’s take a look at the evidence.


  1. Herald Sun alleges “Jill Hennessey gets abusive tweets from anti-vaccine campaigners” [emphasis added]. They provide a video of a smug looking Jill reading out the alleged tweets she received. You will note in the video and from the screen shot below, that the Twitter logo appears beside each message read. Of the 14 tweets Jill reads, only two usernames are provided, the remaining contain only a first name.
  1. The first username provided, wawasonquo, belongs to Irene Beune. Her profile contains 0 tweets, 0 images, 0 likes, is following no one and has only two followers, one of which is Damian Woods who, from his tweets, appears to be an obvious supporter of vaccination.

To find out more about Irene, a Facebook search was conducted. This revealed just one active profile belonging to an Irene Beune, who lives in the Netherlands. A subsequent Google search returns results indicating that Irene is an Obstetrician and Gynecologist (OBGYN). No other person by the name of Irene Beune can be found.


Below is a screen shot of Irene’s alleged tweet. You’ll note that it is exceptionally long, 220 characters to be exact. Twitters character count is 140.


Most importantly, here is a message received from Irene Beune, which confirms, as we suspected, that she is an OBGYN who lives in the Netherlands and is a supporter of vaccination. She has also never heard of Jill, nor has she ever sent a tweet before and is a supporter of vaccination.



There is no doubt the skeptics will proclaim that the screen shot is doctored, so here is further proof that Irene has never sent a tweet. If you refer to the image below, you will note that there is no cache for Irene’s Twitter profile. A cache is a snapshot taken of a page by Google as a backup. It does this periodically depending on the level of activity on the page in question but typically varies from weeks to months. Given Irene created her profile on Friday 11th March, 2011 at 9:08am, it would be implausible to believe that no cache was ever stored by Google if there had been any activity on the account. This once again confirms that no tweet had ever sent by Irene from this profile.


  1. 4


  1. The second username provided belongs to ausfreedom21. A quick search of this profile will show that it doesn’t exist. An attempt to register this username was successful at 7:39pm on Saturday 22nd October 2016 – 2 days after the allegations from Jill and The Herald Sun surfaced. This indicates that the username was never registered or, was deactivated at least 30 days prior. However had this tweet ever existed, Google would likely have indexed it; yet, there is no evidence of this tweet ever being recorded by Google. More on this later.5


  1. To locate the remaining tweets, the investigator used the Twitter advanced search option. This allows one to search for any combination of keywords used in tweets that were sent to a specific individual. You’ll note from this link that none of the tweets Jill allegedly received could be found. As mentioned above, if the tweets had all been deleted after Jill’s story went live, they would still be found on a Google search.

Here is the video where the investigator caught the media out

The day after the story broke, an administrator of a secret vaccination choice group posted on Facebook that he had doubts about the authenticity of the tweets. A serial cyber stalker and professional bully, Reasonable Hank whose real name is Peter Tierney and who is a single father who resides on the NSW South Coast, spending most of his day tweeting and blogging with the goal of defaming natural health practitioners, medical professionals and those who object to vaccination, took a screen shot of the comment which you’ll see below. He tweeted it to his followers, which preceded him providing evidence to prove Jill’s bullying.

  1. 6

However this merely revealed Jill never received any such abusive tweets. They were in fact comments made about Jill in secret or closed Facebook groups dedicated to supporting vaccine choice. They were never made directly to Jill. While name-calling is never acceptable, a group of frustrated people making heated comments amongst a group of peers is hardly harassing or bullying an individual.

Peter provided evidence that 10 of the 14 comments Jill read out in her video were made (though they were made in the above-mentioned closed groups and never sent to Jill) which leaves the missing 4 comments.

We now know Irene’s and ausfreedom21s comments were fake, and we can’t find evidence of the remaining two so we will just assume those were also fabricated. Not surprisingly, the 4 messages we couldn’t find any evidence of were also the ones that were the most controversial. They were the ones that wished cancer on Jill, called her a traitor, a pedophile and called for her execution.

So what does this tell us? We don’t doubt Jill has received nasty comments sent directly to her. In fact, every politician who has ever served in parliament would at some stage receive angry emails or negative social media comments. Why aren’t they naming and shaming individuals? Is it because they have better things to do? We can only assume the only real “abuse” Jill received directly was so tame that it wouldn’t have made headlines so her staff exaggerated her story by making up lies to yet again undermine the credibility of those in the pro-choice movement. In the process, Jill and her team have defamed the good name of a medical doctor who supports vaccination.


It’s also important to ask, how did Jill even know about these comments made about her in secret and closed Facebook groups? Was she trolling about trying to gather evidence to further her vaccine agenda on the tax-payers’ dollar? Or did Peter, who had saved these screen shots months earlier, give her these comments and if so, for what purpose? Peter has demonstrated despicable behaviour and issued death threats against those who want choice in vaccination. He writes “Every time you utter your dangerous bullshit you make me more determined to see the end of you” This is the sort of person Jill associates with.


  1. 7, who along with the Herald Sun, is owned by Rupert Murdoch who has strong financial links to a pharmaceutical company that manufactures vaccines states in their article that the Minister also received support from medical researcher and Australian Skeptics vice-president, Rachael Dunlop in this article. Dr Dunlop states “I’m frequently abused,” however the following screen shot shows the pot calling the kettle black. This is a comment she made on twitter to Meryl Dorey, former president of the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN); “I give up. You people are just too stupid and do not deserve science or medicine. Please go away and die. That is all”.

  1. 8

If Jill’s cries of abuse were really about online bullying, why didn’t she call upon everyone, including those in the pro-vax camp to be respectful? Her allegations of abuse would not have been confined to one minority group when there is ample evidence to show many have ill feeling towards her on other matters including but not limited to those who don’t support abortion. Here are some more screen shots of the side of the debate Jill and the media forgot to mention – the unrelenting abuse those who are pro-choice receive from Jill’s friend Hank, members of Stop the AVN and others Jill has frequently tagged in her tweets. You can also watch this video here of Tasha David, current AVN President and Meryl Dorey, AVN past President, reading out just a small sample of the death threats they have received.



  1. As if by coincidence, following Peters attempts to prove the “tweets” were real, the Herald Sun promptly removed its original article, which was published on 20th October with the title “Jill Hennessey gets abusive tweets from anti-vaccine campaigners”. Whilst the title still appears in Google search, when you click on the link it leads to a new article with the headline “Social media applauds Vic Health Minister for taking on anti-vaxxers”. It is obvious the original article was amended not only because the old link led to the new article but because the new article had the original articles date. If you refer to the screen shot below, you’ll note the date at the top as the 20th, however further down you’ll see tweets from the 21st October. Was this an attempt to cover their tracks as they knew those in the pro-choice movement had started to question the existence of these tweets? It’s also interesting that the Herald Sun published the screen shots of people applauding Jill in this article but never attempted to show proof of any of the tweets Jill alleges to have received. Perhaps that is because there was no proof to show.


When a page edits its content, the effects on that page are immediate. However, Google needs to revisit that site to confirm that changes have been made in order to update its search history. This can take weeks or months, depending on the amount of activity on the link. This is why, even though the Herald Sun edited the content of the original article five days earlier, the old article title still appears. This is how it can be confirmed that none of the tweets were ever deleted, otherwise, they would show up on a Google search. You can view this video for further clarification.

While it is never acceptable to ridicule or threaten anyone, it is also important to understand the context in which those comments were made. Many people in the pro-choice camp have had the health of their child and/or their financial livelihood sacrificed thanks in part to the human rights breaches of No Jab, No Play legislation that Jill introduced and fast tracked through parliament. This legislation bans unvaccinated children from attending childcare and kinder (pre-school) in Victoria. Obtaining a medical exemption is next to impossible unless your child has had an anaphylactic reaction to a vaccine, and even in that case, your child would only be exempt from that vaccine in the future – not others, despite other vaccines containing similar ingredients including but not limited to, formaldehyde, aluminum, polysorbate 80, MSG, antibiotics, the tissue of aborted fetuses, calf bovine serum, anti-freeze, animal organ tissue and blood and many other DNA alternating, carcinogenic and neurotoxic substances.

The 10 comments we found thanks to Peter, which we have posted for you below, were made in relation to two major events that occurred this year involving Jill. The first is an irresponsible comment Jill made stating “There are no risks to vaccinating…” Imagine for a moment that your child died, or regressed into autism, stopped breathing, suffered brain swelling or seizures following vaccination and you heard Jill make such an absurd comment, one that’s even in conflict with the vaccine manufacturer. The slap in the face couldn’t be any bigger than that. Wouldn’t you be angry enough to scream profanities to people who understand you?


The second incident in which these heated comments were made, again, in a closed or secret group Facebook group and never directed at Jill, involved the censoring of the documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe. The first screening in Australia was due to air at the Castlemaine Film Festival. Some people believe that Jill may have been responsible for leading a coordinated attack, which included threats of personal violence against the organisers if they did not pull the screening. This included the harassment and intimidation of board members via their Facebook pages and phone calls to their employers to advise that their employees were supporting an ‘irresponsible’ anti-vax movie. The screening was promptly pulled due to personal safety concerns.

Jill also intentionally misrepresented the film as an anti-vaccination movie however, it is far from that. The documentary uncovers the story of the CDC Whistleblower, Dr William Thompson who we mentioned earlier, and his involvement in a cover-up to hide a vaccine-autism link. In her media spin following the allegations of abuse, Jill stated that she was “…absolutely up for a full-and-frank debate” yet here she was, stopping people from finding out not just that the CDC committed scientific fraud, but also that vaccines can cause autism.

If Jill really was interested in protecting the health of children as she so passionately claims, why would she stop parents from finding out that there is a possible problem with the MMR vaccine?

Whilst the following may be a petty point to make, it shows just how callous Jill is as she attempts to ridicule Linda for her spelling mistake. In her video she says “Just a tip Linda, dumb is spelt with a b at the end”. If you observe the screen shot below, you’ll note however that Linda spelt dumb correctly three times and it was in fact Jill’s screen shot that was incorrect. You’ll also note from the yellow circle that the original comment by Linda was never edited either. Did Jill’s staff make the error or was it a deliberate way to make pro-choice people look stupid?



This now leaves us with a multitude of questions. Why did Jill cry foul about being relentlessly harassed by a group of people she had never met, nor had direct contact with? If even one of the tweets were real, why are there no screen shots and why can’t they be found? And if she lied about receiving abusive tweets, what else has she lied to us about?

The likelihood is, Jill was looking for a way to once again belittle pro-choice advocates to distract people from what is really going on. The fact is that vaccine science is questionable, not only because of the allegations made by the CDC Whistleblowers, but because of the ample published scientific evidence that proves vaccines can and do cause harm, including death.

Jill needed a quick story and she got one thanks to her friend Hank. He has trolls in every one of these groups who take screen shots so that he can harass, intimidate and blog about these individuals. This is then followed by complaints lodged with their employers and/or the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Authority (AHPRA), the Teachers Union or another such authority so he can get them sacked or silenced.

Jill, if you are genuinely sincere in your quest to protect children, we invite you to watch a free screening of Vaxxed. We invite you to read the ample scientific evidence that proves vaccines are not a one-size-fits-all preventative. And finally, we invite you to use your taxpayer salary more wisely. Trolling Facebook groups for negative comments about yourself is not one of them.


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The vitamin lie Dr. Brad McKay wants you to swallow

By Charlie Eclaire

Dr BradMckay
This is Dr Brad Mckay

According to Wikipedia, “The pot calling the kettle black” is an idiom used to claim that a person is guilty of the very thing of which they accuse another. Never has this saying been more true thanks to Dr. Brad McKays article titled “Are vitamins doing you more harm than good?”.


Dr Brad Mckay as a GP is guilty of the very thing he accuses Vitamins of doing.


 Who is Dr Brad Mckay?

For those that don’t know Dr. Brad McKay is a GP & host of the show Embarrassing Bodies Down Under. His show has been so successful that a spin off version was recently created deservingly titled Embarrassing Articles in which, Dr. McKay once again takes a starring role. For his first assignment Dr. McKay suggests that taking high doses of vitamins and supplements could increase your chances of heart disease and cancer.

Given his recent involvement with the Skeptics and their continuous calls for pseudo-science enthusiasts to back up their claims with gold standard evidence based medicine, I expected nothing less from Dr. McKay’s article. Using my very expensive nit microscope that came free with the nit kit I used to treat my children’s hair, I scanned furiously through the article looking for the “recent” study he mentions. It seems however that Dr. McKay didn’t get the memo from his new pals at the Skeptics inc, instead opting for unbacked, misinterpreted false claims of a paper he dared not cite.


Rather than provide you with evidence to substantiate his claims, Dr. McKay offers many examples seemingly written for those with a third grade comprehension level. Six of these have been quoted below in bold. Case in point, the pot calling the kettle black;

Welcome to third grade.jpg
Dr Brad McKay has written a third grade level article
  1. “In a world full of modern conveniences it’s easy to think that we can solve our problems with a pill or a powder… Are we just fooling ourselves?” It seems Dr. McKay has forgotten the foundations of the profession he prides himself on are based on this exact theory.
Pharmaceutical companies are known for encouraging Doctors to over prescribe their products in the name of profit

Pill or powder




  1. “Australians spend billions of dollars every year on vitamins and dietary supplements based on clever marketing”. Whilst I don’t doubt the validity of this claim, the only vitamin and supplement manufacturers who I could find that were guilty of deceptive marketing were ones made by pharmaceutical companies. Contained within the study (spoiler alert, I did eventually find the study, more on that later) in question is mention of a One-A-Day Men’s Health supplement in which its manufacturer Bayer, claimed it could prevent prostate cancer. Despite null findings from SELECT, Bayer refused to stop its fraudulent marketing until after it was threatened with a lawsuit. Bayer is a pharmaceutical giant whose net profit for the period ended March 31 was estimated at AU$2.35 billion. A similar incident occurred in Australia less than a month ago where the makers of Neurofen were fined $1.7m for misleading customers on ‘specific pain’ relief range. Water off a ducks back for a company that has an annual turnover estimated at AU$13.8 billion. It seems Dr. McKay suffers from selective “Hear no, Speak no” syndrome. Rest assured, there’s likely a falsely marketed pill that can help you with this Dr. McKay and if not, I’m sure your colleagues will happily prescribe you something off label.
  1. “Scientific evidence hasn’t shown a significant health benefit from taking extra vitamins if your levels are normal”. Do you remember the study they did on non diabetics taking extra diabetic medication showing increased health benefits? Yeah, me neither.
  1. “Medicine prescribed by your doctor has gone through a rigorous process of scientific testing to examine safety and effectiveness”. This is true for most but not all medications and especially not true for vaccines, which are not required to undergo the same gold standard of medical research as other pharmaceutical drugs. Instead of using real placebos like saline, controlled placebos are used to determine safety which can only yield a positive result. There has also been NO study EVER done to determine the safety of the current (or perhaps any) schedule offered in Australia yet doctors are injecting thousands of children with up to 8 antigens in a single consult daily…. and up to 41 antigens by age 4.


  1. “Companies wanting to sell their products in Australia only need to fill out an online form, supply information about their product and pay a fee to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), but the product itself is not tested. The TGA relies on companies to tell the truth and monitor their own products. Apart from this trust system, there’s no way of knowing if you’re getting what you pay for, or even if it is safe to swallow” – Well, that just cemented my trust in pharmaceutical companies! Truth, ha! – The difference between any product including pharmaceuticals but NOT vaccines is that any products making false claims, or causing any adverse reaction, could be sued. Vaccine manufacturers are shielded from liability including the government and the doctor/nurse administering it which means NO ONE can be sued in the event of an adverse reaction to a vaccine even if the vaccine is tainted. This gives bad pharma all the reason in the world to ensure safety of their product right?
  1. “Products sold over the counter….may contain more, little or none of the listed ingredients. Some companies are doing the right thing, but others are taking advantage of the TGA’s self-monitoring system”. Without any evidence, one can’t take the legitimacy of this claim seriously unless Dr. McKay is referring to pharmaceutical products which are notorious for making false claims. Take for example a case currently before the U.S courts which alleges Merck, the manufacturer of the MMR vaccine “”failed to disclose that its mumps vaccine was not as effective as Merck represented, (ii) used improper testing techniques, (iii) manipulated testing methodology, (iv) abandoned undesirable test results, (v) falsified test data, (vi) failed to adequately investigate and report the diminished efficacy of its mumps vaccine, (vii) falsely verified that each manufacturing lot of mumps vaccine would be as effective as identified in the labeling, (viii) falsely certified the accuracy of applications filed with the FDA, (ix) falsely certified compliance with the terms of the CDC purchase contract, (x) engaged in the fraud and concealment described herein for the purpose of illegally monopolizing the U.S. market for mumps vaccine, (xi) mislabeled, misbranded, and falsely certified its mumps vaccine, and (xii) engaged in the other acts described herein to conceal the diminished efficacy of the vaccine the government was purchasing.” In case you’re thinking that this is an isolated incident, see here, here, here and lots more here for further examples of the many and regular cases of bad pharma fraud.

If you’re a free-thinking individual accustomed to the natural medicine bashing pharma supporting propaganda drilled into the population ad nauseum, then you’ll know that to make a lie truth, the media will repeat it over and over using varying sources. Having realised I would not find anything concrete within Dr. McKay’s article which proved his claims, I started checking for other publications in pursuit of this elusive study.

The first piece I came across was from The Conversation which has been described by Quadrant Magazine as a “one-sided,” “lavishly-funded,” and “staffed by left-leaning refugees from commercial news organisations’ withered operations.” In all fairness to the Conversation, I dare say all media outlets would be in the running to win the same or similar award if such an award existed. Alas, I digress.

Instead of trying to substantiate its claims with real evidence, The Conversations piece titled “Supplements are an expensive and potentially toxic lucky dip” elects to use anecdotal proof, the gold standard of medical certainty it seems. That proof comes from linking to another article which claims “Data obtained from national organ donation registries shows, since 2011, three liver transplants and three kidney transplants have been given to people who got sick after taking some kind of herbal supplement”. It later goes on to say that one man required surgery after just a few months of taking a supplement with green tea extract. You’ve likely heard the phrase “correlation doesn’t equal causation” however we can now see, thanks to The Conversation, that it does but only when it supports bad pharma agenda. If your child stops breathing within minutes of being vaccinated, it’s a coincidence but if you take green tea extract and need a liver transplant within months, then the cause is of no doubt. I sure hope those 6 people who had transplants didn’t eat chocolate, or drink alcohol otherwise there would surely be a call to boycott them too?

The Conversations tag line ‘Academic rigour, journalistic flair’ seems to believe that the pinnacle of academic rigour is based on using evidence from another media source without any obvious fact checking. With writing flair no better than that of a lemming on steroids, I moved onto the next link provided, an article published by The Guardian in April 2015. Here we find another link and mention that the study in question was from 2012 conducted by the University of Colorado. In case you missed the obvious, 2012 was 4 years ago, hardly recent. This now lends the question, why release these findings now? Could it have something to do with this study released by John Hopkins University last week which found that medical negligence was the third biggest killer of Americans, right behind heart disease & cancer? Hmmmmm.

The link provided by The Guardian direct to the University of Colorado Cancer Centre is where things become more interesting. With a similar eye catching headline as the other pieces, the page concludes with “Many recent news reports stemming from this news release present incomplete data” followed by a link to the full study. After much searching, there it was, the final piece of the puzzle. The actual study they used to make these outlandish claims.

Published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute by Byers et al, the study reviewed several trials involving thousands of patients. The conclusion states;

“We have argued that dietary supplements should not be directly or indirectly marketed for cancer prevention”

And this;

“In the absence of convincing evidence…we probably do not need more trials in nutrient-replete populations”…. Ummmm what? Nutrient-replete populations??? “The value of conducting trials in populations with poor nutrient status has been shown….we will require studies that evaluate the impact of many years, rather than a few years, of nutritional supplementation”.

It also concludes by stating that scientists and government officials should encourage the public to make prudent decisions based on sound scientific evidence. And that’s it. The undeniable link between vitamins, supplements and cancer and/or heart disease and organ transplants was so glaringly obvious that they forgot to mention it in their concluding remarks.

So how could they make such a claim of link to cancer when the study’s conclusion doesn’t even support that hypothesis? Within the body of the analysis, it mentions; “Several antioxidant trials have actually reported increased risks with supplementation. The most prominent example, β-carotene and lung cancer…” However buried deep within that study is the admission that they used a synthetic dl-alpha-tocopherly acetate (50% powder) and synthetic beta caratone (10% water-soluble beadlets); all formulations were coloured with quinolone yellow”. This study also concludes by saying “…this trial raises the possibility that these supplements may actually have harmful as well as beneficial effect”. There is no doubt this synthetically produced nutrient void product was also manufactured by bad pharma. It does not take a genius to see that a synthetic product will not yield the same outcome of its natural counterpart.

So what can be drawn from this unrelenting witch-hunt against natural medicine? Don’t trust what you hear in the media and don’t quote anything you read as fact unless you’ve taken the time to check the facts yourself. Also, if you choose to use vitamins and supplements, see a Naturopath to determine what you actually need, if anything, and avoid purchasing any brands manufactured by bad pharma because you’ll likely end up with a falsely labeled, synthetic, watered down version of its natural source. I bid you farewell until the next installment of embarrassing articles by Dr. McKay.


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Who are the Friends of Science in Medicine?



Friends of Science in Medicine Executive get together. ( L-R) Dr Ken Harvey, Loretta Marron OAM, Prof Alistair MacLennan AO, Dr Sue Ieraci, Prof Marcello Costa, Jo Benhamu RN, Prof Rob Morrison OAM, Prof John Dwyer AO  ( Photo courtesy of Facebook)

By Bob Dwyer

To understand the threat posed by “Friends of Science in Medicine”, you need to understand where they’ve come from, who they are and what drives them.

In the Age of Science, with its associated rejection of traditional beliefs, the modern Skeptic movement can only be understood as a Religious movement. It has practising fundamentalist groups and even more extreme sects. It’s no accident that there’s a high-crossover between atheist, rationalist and skeptic communities and that the Professions with the highest rate of acknowledged atheists are overly represented. There are a lot of doctors in the Australian Skeptic movement; and I.T. people too. The Australian Skeptics  is an alliance of groups around  Australia that was founded in 1980 by Dick Smith . They claim on their website that  they ” investigate paranormal and pseudo-scientific claims from a responsible scientific viewpoint” .  However their main focus  over the last few years has been to campaign for the government’s immunisation policy and to label all individuals questioning vaccines as “anti-vaxxers”.  The Skeptics have a well organised presence on social media and conduct cyber bullying campaigns to intimidate and vilify those  who dare  question vaccines.   The Friends of Science in medicine  established by Australian Academics is supported by the Skeptics and  focused on obliterating natural therapies in Australia and lodging complaints against natural health professionals.

Journalist Sarah Schwagger asked this question in her ABC  article  titled War Against natural medicine” about the Friends in Science and Medicine back in 2012

” Why is a group of prestigious doctors and scientists who have the backing of the most profitable industry in the world according to Fortune 500 – the pharmaceutical industry – targeting a few poorly-funded natural medicine courses” 

In the only Skeptic legal action in Australia, the judge castigated the complainant as “a self-appointed guardian of the Public Interest”. This doesn’t do justice, however, to the prejudice, bigotry and judgemental attitude they embody. In other times, they’d be toxic village gossips, constantly interfering, judging and tearing people down.

Apart from a shared belief system, an anointed elite of priests, heroes, apostles & our Great Leader, and a catechism and texts, their language is intolerant, venomous and pejorative in the extreme. Despite the meaning of sceptic – to “doubt” but requiring strong evidence, rather than mere assertion, belief or opinion – the Skeptics are a remarkably fixed, closed-minded, uncritical and compliant group of followers. More interesting is how diligently they defend against all criticism and unpalatable truths; try to change their Wikipedia page and they’ll come at you within minutes, rejecting any and all evidence, including official government records.

The Skeptics are not open-minded and “seeking evidence”. There is no culture of  independent investigation and verification of “facts” and claims. Neither do they support Open, Honest and Transparent administration and general good governance.

Their operations are marked by secrecy, non-disclosure, and the wildest manipulations of the facts, such as the 30 year-old deception that magazine subscribers are members of the Association. There are sixteen claimed on the official returns, but never publicly identified. The Skeptics, however they started, have become a Fundamentalist Religion dedicated to Scientism, the “Friends of Science in Medicine” (FoSiM) are a splinter group driven by the most fanatical and obsessed focussing on “One True Medicine”.

They haven’t come from a vacuum; they’re a local ‘mini-me’ of Steven Novella & Harriet Hall’s “Institute of Science in Medicine” (ISM), seen clearly in the website address of both:“scienceinmedicine”, “.org” and “”.The ISM is a Fundamentalist Flexner-ism group, their sacred text being the 1910 report into the US Medical profession by a failed school headmaster, Flexner, proposing a new system modelled on the UK and European system of medical education, examination and accreditation. That Australia’s Medical system was derived from the UK’s and was never in need of the major reforms required in the “Free Market” USA, seems to have escaped ‘The Friends’. It’s also doubtful many, even of the inner circle have ever read the original report.

It doesn’t nearly say what ISM claims. The report was commissioned by the US AMA and paid for by the Carnegie Foundation. Unsurprisingly, it describes all health/medical systems (excepts the AMA’s own) as “cults”, reserving special opprobrium and bile for Chiropractic. Osteopaths cut a deal with Flexner and were deemed acceptable, but the special hatred of Chiropractic has continued ever since.

The most curious situation is in Australia where most schools qualify students in both Chiropractic and Osteopathy, but FoSiM still regurgitate all the US doctrine against Chiropractors, yet never speak a word against Osteopaths. The irony, self-contradiction and hypocrisy is entirely lost on them. This blindness could be successfully used against them.

Who are the Friends of Science of Medicine? 

FoSiM has the same “closed membership” structure as Australian Skeptics Inc. They are just 5 or 6 members in an Association, yet they publish on-line the names of 1,000 or more “Friends”. FoSiM is centred around just two long-term Skeptics: John Dwyer and Loretta Marron. Google reports 59,000 hits for (“john dwyer” skeptics) with an involvement on-record of more than 20 years in the Skeptic movement. He’s a retired academic and medical specialist/researcher with considerable political reach in NSW.

Marron is a comparative recent arrival after her retirement following surgery for breast cancer. She devoted herself with considerable energy to exposing “quackery” and lodging many formal complaints with health authorities. She caused enough mischief and mayhem to, like Dwyer in 2000, gain the Skeptic of the Year award, not once, but twice, a feat never before accomplished. The “ego”, recognition/status and self-aggrandisement driving Dwyer is fully encapsulated in his title: “President and first Principal”.

Marron has self-described on-line as a “Scientist”, based on once earning a BSc, but belied by having spent her working life in I.T., most of it apparently in Insurance. She does appear as a co-author on a single paper and has completed a short course on the basics of research with one of the only Skeptics in Academia, Martin Bridgstock.


FOSM Loretta Maron and Skeptic President Eran Segev.

This contradiction – the failure to appeal to real scientists and researchers – is also lost on Skeptics. If professional Skeptics had anything of real scientific value to contribute, you’d expect a string of peer-reviewed papers, many formal courses and a lot of practising scientists and researchers as members. Yet that’s not what we see. After 35 years in Australia, if this were going to happen, it would have by now, demonstrating they’re not engaged in Science, but Scientism.

These Skeptics-cum-“Friends”, Dywer and Marron, are very dangerous people because of their strong negative emotional drives, lack of good judgement and fanatical ideological base. However they do have extreme weaknesses as well. There is only a very small community of active “Skeptics”, but they use the Internet to organise, communicate and plan. They are constantly on-line and very opportunistic. They specialise in “hit and run” tactics; they’ll drop a bomb and then retreat into invisibility. Like all good conspiracies, terrorists and guerrillas, their cells are small and secret.

A strong characteristic of the Skeptics is their complete disregard for all rules of behaviour; they disregard any and all laws and willingly, even gleefully, engage in immoral and unethical behaviour and attacks, most often secretly. This was shown by them gaming a Fairfax poll and hacking those systems.

Part of their power & influence is their (secret) networks, they have a number of media personalities who are sympathetic or outright believers. This is not a stretch as two of the three “Great Founders” – Philip Adams and Richard Carleton – were media personalities.

Dick Smith, the other founder, had money and a strong moral core. “Choice” magazine is a strong supporter as well.


L-R; President Eran Segev, Phillip Peters, Peter Rodgers, secretary John Sweatman, Dick Smith founder of Australian Skeptics, Vice president Richard Saunders, Vice President Rachael Dunlop, Peter ” Ratbag” Bowditch  Photo courtesy of whale 


The weaknesses of these Professional Skeptics are simple and profound:

• they are very few in number,

• they are ideological fanatics, with poor judgement and a complete lack of clarity around those issues,

• they don’t have deep pockets or access to substantial resources,

• their strong emotional drive, fuelled by deficit needs, means they must keep escalating their behaviours.

If effective action isn’t taken, they will persist and continue relentless persecution of identified targets. The extended pursuit of the AVN (including attacking/victimising Meryl Dorey personally) is proof of their intents and ability to organise and act. The publicly anonymous hate group, “Stop the AVN”, is a new weapon in their armoury. Without identified members or office bearers, just a facebook page, they can defame and impugn reputations with impunity – there’s nobody to sue or hold accountable.

There is an exemplary Case Study in dealing with Skeptics: the Ian Plimer court case. Plimer, a well known academic, acted wholly irrationally, seemingly driven by uncontrolled moral outrage and a sense of absolute righteousness.

There was no group behind this; it was Plimer alone, though the case was closely followed and widely reported within Skeptic circles. Plimer ended up with a bill of $400k-$500k, causing him to sell his house, lose his marriage, change jobs and move from Melbourne to Adelaide. The Australian Skeptics Science and Education Foundation, after a lot of pressure, contributed $200k towards Plimer’s costs. The Skeptics don’t rally to support their own and are never generous or forthcoming with their own money. The Whalley Bequest of $1.27M was astronomic in their circles.

Plimer never had a good case and the Trade Practices Act was a very poor choice causeof action. The judge also queried why so much had been spent on legal fees for the case.

It seemed excessive to him, even wildly so.In the end there was a sole judgement of Copyright infringement against the Creationist: a single diagram had been used without a license or acknowledgement. Plimer was blinded by his fanatical belief and absolute confidence in his own ‘rightness’, embarking on a crusade every bit as righteous and fanatical as those of the Middle Ages.

The way to shut down “Friends” is simple: draw Marron into a court case; preferably multiple simultaneous actions. As she’s based in non-urban Queensland, issuing writs in multiple courts in different cities would make further demands on her time and resources. Marron is both the sole “worker drone” of FoSiM and exhibits the poorest judgement. She is the least informed and knowledgeable in the field, her sole source of information being the highly-skewed ISM doctrine “papers”. Her ignorance and blindness lead directly to arrogant self-confidence and overweening self-belief.

A two-step strategy would probably work with her: a small “teaser” event with an easy victory to draw her in, then an escalation to a larger, more expensive court case shecouldn’t win. This needs expert legal advice to consider and plan.

This will have two outcomes:

– immediate and direct: it will consume her time and energies, diverting it from her current activities, effectively shutting down the “Friends” website, their mouthpiece, as happens when she’s gone on holiday , and

– longer-term, when, not if, she loses a court case, she won’t have the money to continue operating.

For extra credit, take on other actors in her orbit. The most obvious, and most damaging psychologically and emotionally to them, are the “cradle” of Dwyer/Marron’s Beliefs: Australian Skeptics. Like a three-old child throwing tantrums and always getting their own way, Marron has never suffered a serious setback or consequence for her escalating behaviours, worse they’ve been applauded and she’s been awarded accolades.

There is one off-record report that after her outrageous attack on Blackmore’s, Dwyer required Marron to submit all articles to him for approval. That may be the only time she’s had good feedback. I’m not sure if she still does a radio show. If she does, some carefully crafted callers or letters would lead her to shaky ground.

Dwyer is a lot more canny than Marron or Plimer, He’s a very well connected and skilled political player, with many successful campaigns already under his belt. He’s unlikely to overstep himself and routinely organises others to press his attacks, but being driven by ego, status and recognition, is not immune to his own weaknesses.

Marron could probably be drawn out on an anti-Chiropractic case, believing she can cite Simon Singh’s win over the BCA.

Singh won the libel action because he was judged a ’scientist’ and his book, for the general public – not an academic paper – was judged part of “the scientific debate” where,in the UK, free speech is guaranteed. Singh initially had his costs guaranteed by the Guardian newspaper, but later organised public donations to fund his costs. Marron probably over-estimates the public financial support she might get, starting with the 1,000 ‘Friends’, and would no doubt approach Dick Smith as he’s given, or guaranteed, $100,000 in the past for the Skeptics. He funded the 2009 pro-vaccination advertisement and guaranteed the $100,000 prize offered for proof of the paranormal and another test of water diviners.

Australia does not have the US First Amendment right to Free Speech, probably assumed in the ISM materials, nor the same Defamation laws as the UK. Marron cannot credibly claim to be a ‘scientist’ (Dwyer can) nor support that she’s engaged in “scientific debate”. These are legal niceties she’s unlikely to be aware of. The way to the Friends is through Marron’s conceit, ignorance and arrogance and the way to her is by exposing the Skeptics and taking them down. The Skeptics have a long history of illegal action and behaviour, acting against them should be possible.

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Why Richard Di Natale and the Greens are dangerous ?


Greens Leader Richard Di Natale personally thanks online bullies and harrassers in Parliament

After Richard Di Natale called the Health Australia party dangerous  it was important to conduct some investigation into the Greens backyard. The Greens appeared to have stood for social justice, respect for our fellow human beings and our planet but now they support hate groups against vaccination choice, want to soften policies against GMOS and push communist agendas.  I thought the Greens were supposed to support healthy minds & bodies along with the absolute individual right to freedom of choice, but New Greens Leader Has No Time For Anti-Vaxxers Or Raw Milk Drinkers

The Greens have always attracted the voter that prefers to eat pesticide free, organic food and have a history of being against GMOs ( genetically modified foods). The Greens have supported the March against Monsanto for many years and their website clearly states their policy on GMOS. However Greens leader Richard Di Natale stated this year that he wants to soften the policy on genetically modified crops,and claims the  argument lacks evidence “Soften the policy’ in political speak means that Richard Di Natale wants to start supporting the production of more GMO crops, this is ironic as I received most of my education on the dangers of GMOs from the Greens Party. 

.The Greens leader Richard Di Natale, believe that the science on water fluoridation using these toxic waste products is settled. However fluoride used in Australia is a toxic waste product of the phosphate fertiliser industry called ‘Hydrofluorosilicic Acid’. This toxic waste is unpurified and contains a host of carcinogenic radio nuclides, including uranium, barium and polonium-210. The CDC in America acknowledges that the most likely cause of Tobbaco induced lung cancer is from polonium-210 contaminated phosphate fertilisers. But according to  .


Another contradiction from the Greens is their support of the controversial Safe School program which on their website theyclaim is an essential program that supports young people and aims to end homophobic and transphobic discrimination and bullying at school. However, many people see Safe Schools as not just an anti bullying program but state sanctioned abuse, sexualisation and social engineering of children.

The Australian Green Party have morphed from the tree loving party who want a nice environment  into a hybrid of socialism and fascism who advocate radical politics and social engineering policies. If you doubt their extreme leftist nature, you just need to read their policy pages on their website . The Greens  believe in radical globalism, with a heavy emphasis on unelected and unaccountable bodies like the UN .In their section on Global Governance in principles they say  “The leading role of the United Nations in the maintenance of international peace and security must be recognised and respected by all countries.”This smacks of Agenda 21.

What these Greens policies mean  is less national sovereignty, less individual freedom, and more one-world government. Climate Changeis another issue that the Greens are keen to push, but many climate skeptics are concerned it comes at a cost to our basic freedoms and perceive the  Greens climate change agenda as a form of communist control.  Former Czech President Vaclav Klaus who lived under communism in Czechoslovakia said  ““I feel threatened now, not by global warming — I don’t see any — (but) by the global warming doctrine, which I consider a new dangerous attempt to control and mastermind my life and our lives, in the name of controlling the climate or temperature.”

In addition to their litany of contradictions, it is very clear that the Greens are now against health freedoms & freedom of choice in regards to vaccination issues. The Greens have alienated some of their initial support base of earth loving health conscious non toxic voters. Many initial greens supporters who care about healthy living and don’t want pesticides, GMOs in their food had children. Much to the horror of the Greens leadership, many of the new generations also care about what’s being injected into their children & are now questioning this. Many have valid concerns about the effects of vaccines & the ingredients going into them such as, formaldehyde, aborted fetal & animal cell line components along with DNA, aluminum, polysorbate 805, genetically engineered yeast, MSG, antibiotics and animal viruses being injected into their children. Many of these people have made the informed & well researched decision that the risks of vaccines far outweigh the benefits.

Previous Greens Leader Bob Brown did support freedom of choice in vaccination matters for Australians and helped theAustralian Vaccination Skeptic Network introduce the Conscientious Objectors form for non vaccinating parents to register with. This form has since been abolished as the No Jab No Pay legislation has been introduced which takes away childcare and family tax benefit payments to non vaccinating families . Ironically the  current Greens leader Richard Di Natale was very much behind the No Jab No Pay policy and was even involved in the senate inquiry.  Di Natalie was condescending and belittling towards the AVN rather than asking questions that were relevant to the hearing. Di Natale kept asking why the Australian Vaccination Skeptics network were still calling themselves AVN which stalled time. Considering there were many issues at stake and there was even a special, Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic on the phone from Canada who could’ve provided a great contribution with her knowledge of vaccines. The Hansard link (2 Nov 2015 Public Hearing) is below to read Di Natale’s conniving tricks in order to waste as much time as possible:;query=Id%3A%22committees%2Fcommsen%2Fe327464c-c3b0-4103-9cb9-6b0c56f2cc6d%2F0000%22

Senator Di Natale  openly supports pro vaccination hate groups such SAVN ( Stop the Australian Vaccination Network) and Australian Skeptics. At a parliamentary speech in June 2013, Senator Richard Di Natale personally thanked thugs from Australian Skeptic group, Stop the AVN ( AVN) who have the daily job of inciting hate and discrimination against non vaccinating families. These thugs have plenty of time on their hands and many seem to be paid internet trolls. They have a history of sending death threats, making complaints, preventing talks by Vaccine choice activists, name and shame tactics on social media along with cyber bullying anyone who has the audacity to question the safety and advocacy of vaccines. Senator Di Natale thanked SAVN facebook page founder, Daniel Raffaele  who made death threats and phone calls against AVN founder, Meryl Dorey. You can hear the threatening phone calls made from the house of Daniel Raffaele to Ms Dorey in the video below.

Di Natale also thanked Skeptic thug, Peter Bowditch who has harassed mothers of vaccine injured kids and asks them if they have orgasms over dead children along with, Ken McLeod who has posted the home address of Meryl Dorey, urging his hate filled followers to dump toxic waste at her home. Considering the Greens party advocates a lot of social justice and non discriminatory behaviour, the support of Skeptic hate groups clearly contradicts everything they stand for.

Threats to AVN President made from home of Stop the AVN Founder

SAVN can present their work at the Public Health Association of Australia – PHAA vaccination conference,  Skeptic Tracey McDermott presented papers on “We don’t do false balance”; how SAVN contributed to a change in vaccination reporting” and the other “Evidence suggests the fall of the professional anti-vaccination movement in Australia” SAVN called members of the citizen group, Australian Vaccination Skeptics group “ professional activists”  The groups consist of concerned citizens who are very passionate about retaining their right for freedom of choice over vaccination related issues along with parents who are caring for vaccine injured children. 


The Greens state clearly on their website a need for independent regulatory bodies and transparency in Pharmaceutical matters, such as.

8. A properly resourced Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme free from political interference.

9. The membership of regulatory bodies, such as the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee, to be made up of independent scientific experts, clinically-based health care advisors and consumer representatives, in order to provide independence from undue influence.

However this is an example of more hypocrisy occurring in the Greens party & by supporting the No Jab No pay policy, we can see this is based on pharmaceutical conflict of interests. The Daily Telegraph which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, who has strong ties to GSK and his son James even served on the board of the Drug Corporation. 

The greens also claim to care about human rights and say on their website “Cultural, religious, gender and other differences often give rise to specific needs and circumstances that must be taken into account in order to ensure equal rights for all”

Even though Human rights activists believe No Jab No Pay to be a form of duress, which, for some families, is substantial enough to challenge their free will and true consent.

The No Jab, No Pay amendment violates numerous international human rights agreements and long-held rules by medical oversight bodies.

“UNESCO Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights”, particularly Article 3.1 and 3.2 which state that “human dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms are to be fully respected, the interests and welfare of the individual should have priority over the sole interest of science and society.”

Gone are the earthy values of the Green party & for those who supported the Greens for being that clean alternative party, those days are over. Do not vote for the Greens if you care about health freedom & freedom of choice! Will you vote for a party that doesn’t support human rights and praises hate groups to carry out abuse and even death threats against hard working families who simply choose not to vaccinate? Voting for the Greens is a vote for the removal of your god given right to choose what you think is best for your family & yourself, it’s a vote for medical tyranny & the loss of health freedoms in Australia. 

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Murdoch’s War on Natural Medicine

By Brett Smith


Rupert Murdoch attacking Natural Medicine in the name of Big Pharma profits.

Ahhh me old mate Jane Hansen and her evil old boss are at it again. What this time you may ask? Selling more illegal wars? Selling HepB shots to one day olds? Flu shots for 90 year old nursing home residents? Tony Abbott? Nup. Just one of their pet projects, an old favourite of theirs…..attacking natural medicines. For one of their biggest clients, Big, Bad Pharma.

I’ve been a naturopath for 15 years now so this attack is nothing new, it’s the scale and intensity that have lifted a couple of notches of late, almost in direct line with the explosions of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, autism, auto-immune diseases etc. I love watching the media’s schizophrenic relationship to this topic. You see their readers, or most of them, all use natural therapies, or buy organic but their pay masters hate people using these products. Makes it hard to fill a newspaper or a magazine with anything of any interest to the reader. I mean how many stories can you run on statins or Prozac? Boring.

Big Pharma evil

Bad Pharma is a toxic money spinner, a massive money spinner. Problem is their business model relies upon a patentable drug. Where do they find these drugs? Brilliant science? No, most of their products are stolen from Mother Nature. Plants mostly. They steal a plant from us Quacks & Witch Doctors, isolate a few constituents, chemically alter them slightly so they can patent it, and hey Presto it’s the $100 Billion Dollar Drug! Tragically not only is it almost entirely useless it is now also quite toxic. Very inconvenient. So once they lose a customer to natural medicine that customer never comes back. Ever. When you take into account the customers they kill you can see this is a real issue for their business model and long term growth. Dead or departed, disillusioned patients really affect your bottom line.

With the hundreds of billions of dollars spent on health we should be some of the healthiest societies in human history? While our control of infectious disease has been more than commendable our ‘treatment’ plans for chronic ‘western’ diseases is a scandal. In fact it is worse, it is criminal. The mismanagement of chronic disease is not an accident, it is by design to turn you into a patient for life. There is no prevention, there is no cure, just a pill popper for life to mask/manage your symptoms. You then end up on other drugs to deal with the side effects of your original drug and your deteriorating condition. 


Cholesterol? Farcical science. Heart disease. Diabetes. Cancer. Depression. Fertility. Auto-immunity. Pain management. Bad Pharma offers nothing but a long slow death with a big invoice. Their good mates at Big Food give you the worst dietary advice imaginable filling you full of grains, sugar, & pesticide riddled foods and you have one foot in the grave your whole life. It’s rare to meet a child these days who doesn’t have a food allergy or an auto immune disease and that’s if you are lucky. Autism numbers have exploded (no it is not just better diagnosis) as have child cancers. Soon we will have a new phenomenon, CIDS, Coincidental Instant Death Syndrome. If we are all to be judged on results and performance Bad pHarma has been an epic fail. The DRUGS DON’T WORK. To add insult to injury, they are also killing you.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 4.29.05 pm

Jane Hansen attack on natural medicine for Murdoch Owned Daily Telegraph which is owned by Rupert Murdoch who has ties to pharmaceutical giant Glaxosmith Kline

So back to Hansen. In Australia the job of attacking natural medicine is left to The Australian Skeptics Inc. and their bastard child, Friends Of Science in Medicine. The queer little Skeptics  started off innocuously enough back in North America founded by a very strange fella and failed magician by the name of James Randi. Back then old Randi just trolled spoon benders, water diviners, and farmers that had been abducted by aliens. These days it has morphed into a far more sinister operation. Bad Pharma runs the show now and Uri Geller is long gone, the name of the game now is to promote pHarma’s out of control vaccination policy, promote pHarma’s other toxic product lines and destroy natural medicine or anyone or anything that hurts the pHarma narrative (business model). No one is spared, not even the poor old Food Babe. Check out the trolling she cops on an hourly basis….would be funny if it wasn’t so disgraceful.


Ex Magician James Randi founder of the Skeptics Left with Dick Smith who helped finance the Australian Skeptics

Most of the Skeptics are just a sad bad bunch of deranged Star Trek fans that have never done any science themselves (watching sci fi does not count, nor does going to Dr Who conventions), they like to call themselves ‘science advocates’ whatever that ends up meaning. They can almost be excused because they just really have no idea what the hell they are trolling about, it’s more their vile offspring at the Friends of Science in Medicine I hold my true contempt for. These turds are supposed to be doctors and scientists, they actually should know better. They should know better than anyone that the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most disgraced industries on the planet today. They should know that the drugs not only don’t work they are killing people in great numbers. These creeps are the worst of the worst and it is they along with Bad Pharma I am going after. See their are only two possibilities when it comes to trolling for Bad pHarma. 


Australian Skeptics L-R President Eran Segev, Phillip Peters, Peter Rodgers, Secretary John Sweatman, Dick Smith founder of Australian Skeptics, Vice president Richard Saunders, Vice President Rachael Dunlop, Peter “Ratbag”Bowditch


1. A True Believer. You are just a ‘science advocate’ (total idiot) and you have no idea what you are talking about. Vaguely forgivable. 

2. Sold Soul. You know your science. You know what a killer and a fraud Bad pHarma actually is but you keep trolling anyways. Unforgivable.


Jane Hansen True Believer or Sold Soul?

 Let’s have a little look at some of our doctors at work.  

So Janey (True Believer I feel?) gets the call to arms from her Skeptic mates and sure enough she answers the call.

“THE Natural Medicine Party has renamed itself the Health Australia Party. People may think they are voting for good health, which we all want, but there’s a hell of a lot of quackery going on in HAP.” 

First paragraph is only semi coherent, Skeptics love saying words like quack and woo and ad hom, problem is most other normal human beings have no idea what they are talking about. 

“Set up by Sawtell naturopath Andrew Patterson in 2013, the rebadged HAP wants naturopathy and chiropractic to have the same standing as western medicine but without the accountability.”

More nonsense, everyone is accountable in Nanny State Australia. Everyone. 50 year old men are fined $300 for riding their kid’s bike down to the shops. You can be fined for not locking your car door when you leave it parked in Oz. Everyone is accountable for anything and everything and a fine awaits us all at any minute of the day. We are the most fined and accountable society on Earth. To say naturopaths are without accountability is just plain Murdoch bull crap.  

Jane then goes on a long rant about a topic she knows absolutely zero about (always amusing to view) and end with,

“There is not a shred of scientific evidence to back up this 200-year-old theory.”

For a minute I thought she was talking about vaccination itself? But no,

“HAP won’t openly admit they are anti-vaccination but if they had their way they would repeal the No Jab No Pay legislation.”

Maybe that is because HAP isn’t anti vaccination? Maybe they are just pro choice? Maybe they just leave it to parents to research and make these types of decisions for their own children? Maybe they don’t trust governments or Bad Pharma to make these decisions for them? Me? I’m not pro choice at all, no. When dealing with politicians last year on the No Jab Tour of Canberra I would often say, I’m not here for my kids, I wouldn’t vaccinate my kids even if I had a gun to my head, I’m here to help your kids. You see I vaccinated my first three children so I learnt the hard way, not as hard as some but enough to know that vaccine science is not only not settled it is a fraud. Most ‘anti vaxxers’ were once pro vax, we just evolved.

“There is already a safe and effective program of immunisation — it’s called the National Immunisation Program which 92 per cent of the state has signed up to.

It is already “thoroughly researched’’ but does not include nonsense like homoeopathic vaccination that doesn’t work.”

“Thoroughly researched”? I believe jail sentences await those responsible for the criminal fraud surrounding vaccine ‘science’. I believe any doctor found to be funded supporting this fraud should be jailed also. I believe organisations like Australian Skeptics Inc. and the FOS should be investigated for their funding. If found to have been funded by Big Pharma to slander, ridicule, and defame naturopaths, herbalists, chiros, homeopaths, nurses, doctors, or anyone that speaks out in regards to vaccine science safety or natural medicine they should be exposed and charged. These people are a danger to society. These people are also responsible for the injury and death to millions of fellow citizens. If you willingly promote an industry that produces products that kill and injure on a grand scale (on any scale) you are as culpable as the industry you support. 

Let’s have a look at some of our doctors at work.

“The HAP are also anti-fluoride, one of the most important health initiatives Australia ever introduced, and believe homebirth provides a safe option, and women should be able to choose homebirth without penalty — even if it triples the risk of death.”

As Kirk Lazarus said, “Never go the full retard Jane.” Poor Jane, she couldn’t help herself. Fluoride? “One of the most important health initiatives Australia ever introduced.”? Are you off ya meds Hansen? I didn’t actually believe anyone actually still spruiked fluoride. If you never drank another glass of fluoridated water in your life there would be absolutely no adverse effects. Ahhh Jane you’ve done it again.


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Sue Ieraci: You are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts

by Pedro Tierney

Just when I thought that the paid trolls working with the hate group, Stop the AVN, couldn’t possibly get any more ignorant, along comes Sue Ieraci.


This is Skeptic Dr Sue Ieraci

For those of you who are not aware of her, Sue Ieraci works in the Emergency Medicine Department at Bankstown Hospital in NSW.  She has written many opinion pieces for the Medical Journal of Australia and lists her specialties as:

Problem-solving, teaching and training, cognitive skills within health, change negotiation, clinical culture, liaison between government and clinicians, communication between clinicians and health system planners and architects.

Sounds pretty impressive, right?


How can a busy Emergency Doctor respond to social media comments within a moments notice any time of the day or night ?

Why then, is Sue able to respond to tweets and other social media comments within moments of them being posted at nearly any time of the day or night? How can a busy emergency department doctor possibly do this?

I believe that Sue is a paid troll employed by vested interests to smack down anyone who comes out questioning either the safety or efficacy of vaccines. It is possible that she has a team of sub-trolls working under her which would account for the speed of her responses, but that is merely speculation on my part. Perhaps they have a bank of computers under a bridge somewhere?


If Sue is being paid by these interests, that money is not being well spent. She has a long history of completely obtuse and ignorant comments, which even a medical neophyte would be ashamed to make.


Below is an example pulled from a recent Twitter thread.

Meryl Dorey from the AVN had posted an article from a neuroscience newspaper, reporting on a study in the peer-reviewed journal, Cancer Medicine, stating that infection with chicken pox (Varicella) during childhood appeared to be protective against brain cancer in later life.Within a very short time, a person using the Tweet handle @Chiclanagirl, tweeted:

“…children died in thousands when there were no vaccinations. Measles alone was a killer.”

Meryl responded with a graph, sourced from official Australian government data, to show that there was a greater than 99% decline in deaths from measles prior to the introduction of the measles vaccine in 1970.

@Chiclanagirl’s response was to end the conversation and block Ms Dorey.

That was OK, but what happened next nearly beggars belief!

Here is the graph posted by Ms Dorey. It shows the decline in deaths from both measles (which we vaccinated against starting in 1970) and scarlet fever (which we never vaccinated against at all).GraphGregBeattie

Sue Ieraci entered the fray and her comments demonstrate not only a very loose relationship with the truth, but an ability to ignore evidence and data that would make a religious fanatic proud!


Ms Dorey was rightly confused about this comment. After all, she was demonstrating that the measles vaccine played no role in reducing mortality from measles whatsoever – and Sue Ieraci was claiming that antibiotics had some role to play here.

What Sue was trying to say was that measles deaths declined because of vaccines (which did not start until more than 20 years after they were very close to zero in Australia) and scarlet fever deaths declined due to antibiotics, which did not become widely available here until the mid to late 1950s.

Sue’s response was as follows:


There is obviously a screw or two loose here. Because the graph that Sue published showed EXACTLY the same information as the one posted by Ms Dorey – only it was from the UK instead of Australia and only covered deaths from scarlet fever – not measles.

Ms Dorey’s response was to reiterate that in the UK, deaths had fallen from 5,000 per annum in 1901 to about zero in 1948 – about the same time that antibiotics were widely used in the UK.

Unbelievably, when questioned again about how these graphs could have possibly been used to prove the effectiveness of either measles vaccine or antibiotics, Sue replied with:


It’s truly embarrassing! Is Sue really as ignorant as she seems? I doubt it to be honest. Though medical school is filled with brainwashing and propaganda, it does take a certain level of intelligence to be accepted into the programme and to graduate from it.

The only conclusion I can draw from this is that Sue is neither blind nor stupid – she is simply being paid a no-doubt princely sum to defend blindness and stupidity.

No Sue, you are not entitled to your own facts – anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together can see – in fact, even Blind Freddy can see – that government data from around the world shows clearly that neither antibiotics nor vaccinations were involved in the decline in mortality from either of these diseases.

The fact that you can’t – or won’t – accept this, demonstrates the depth of corruption in your involvement on social media.

The measles vaccine did not save lives.

Antibiotics did not eradicate scarlet fever.

And, in case you were wondering – the emperor HAS no clothes.

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Murdochs’ Conspiracy Skeptics

By Brett Smith


Murdoch Journalist Kylar Loussikian

Ahhh Murdoch you’ve done it again. And again. And again. If you hadn’t noticed by now I hate Murdoch, News Corp and everything they stand for. I know Murdoch is just some other psychopaths’ puppet  but I get the feeling Rupert loves his work…A lot!

Anyways, I won’t go off on my usual rant about how he has helped destroy Western democracy and culture, sold the world a criminal war that has led directly to the carnage the world faces today, or even go into in illegal activities with Genie Energy with Dick Cheney & the notorious Rothschilds in Syria. Let’s just say he not only has blood on his hands he is up to his elbows in it.

This story is a little more personal. This is about the media and (of course) Skeptic attack on a brave and gentle academic. Someone I consider a friend, Dr Judy Wilyman. I have a more in depth article coming on the despicable attacks upon her but today I will focus on this nasty little piece of ‘journalism’. Take it away Kylar Loussikian.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 3.56.49 pm.png


“It was mid-October when Judy Wilyman was the guest of honour at a self-styled “scholarly forum” at the University of Technology Sydney. Beside her was Brett Smith, a naturopath and anti-vaccination activist. A notable absence: medical professionals or immunisation researchers. That absence has, as The Australian revealed last week, become something of a pattern in Dr Wilyman’s work and that of her PhD supervisor, Brian Martin.”

Well Kylar Loussikian, I wonder about your sources (Not. Australian Skeptics Inc, and the equally putrid Friends Of Science & Medicine). If you’d done a little more research (some call it journalism) you would have known that these exact people were in fact invited  to participate in this  public forum about vaccinations.

Australian Medical Association 
Department of Health
Department of Social Services



Minister for Social Services Hon Christian Porter


Minister of Health The Hon Sussan Ley MP

Robert Booey

Professor Robert Booey Head of Clinical Research at (NCIRS)

Peter cropped_lynda_KKedit (1)

Professor Peter McIntyre Director of National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance ( NCIRS)


Associate Professor Julie Anne Leask Visiting fellow NCIRS

MarkFerson .jpg

Professor Mark Ferson South Eastern Sydney Local Health District

Professor Raina MacIntyre  Head of the School of Public Health and
Community UNSW

Professor David Isaacs Clinical Professor Paediatrics & Child Health, Children’s Hospital

Various Immunologists and Scientists from Sydney University, UNSW, Royal Prince Alfred hospital, Westmead and Prince of Wales.

Did you bother to check this Kylar? Or would it have ruined the flavour of your story?

“The university late last year accepted Dr Wilyman’s PhD thesis — which claims a serious conspiracy between the World Health Organisation, charitable vaccination groups and the pharmaceutical industry — and has steadfastly backed it since.”

Here we go down the rabbit hole. Or we are told we are. The old conspiracy theory call. I find it hard to believe, in this day and age, that people can still be ridiculed for ‘being a conspiracy theorist’. I mean seriously, the whole world watched an American President assassinated in front of their very eyes but I don’t think anyone truly believes Lee Harvey was the lone gunmen and Jack Ruby was a patriot. Do they? And this was in 1963! What about Saddam’s WMD? Governments lie. We all know it. Big Business lie. We all know it. Bad Pharma? Say no more

I don’t take much notice of words, actions speak for themselves, and the actions of the feudal lords on our planet today are all about war, murder, money, and power. That is the main game? Conspiracy? Who knows but death and destruction are all about you so maybe just wise up. We bomb children in their beds in Syria and Iraq then hand out MMR vaccines like lollipops. Murdoch doesn’t give a rat’s arse about these children, you think he gives a shit about their vaccination status?

Back to this conspiracy though. Do I believe Bad Pharma could conspire with Governments and ‘charitable vaccination groups’ to make hundreds of billions of dollars for themselves by pushing as many vaccines as possible onto every man, woman, and child on this planet? You bet your bottom dollar I do. The is one of the most criminally disgraced industries on our planet today.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So shock, horror. If Dr Wilyman suggests there maybe an issue here I think Kylar could make more of a name for himself by exposing that criminal corruption than by attacking an academic at his Master’s beckoning. What you think Kylar? How about some meat in your story?

“When Dr Wilyman spoke at the October panel, she would have been nearing the final stages of work on the thesis. The university had plenty of time to consider how it would react to the inevitable questions about the paper.”

And? What Kylar Loussikian? Maybe the university did take the time to consider how it would react. Maybe it just didn’t react the way your nasty arse boss and the awful Australian Skeptics, Friends of Science & Ignorance wanted it to? Maybe they just decided not to bow down to bully media moguls with serious agendas? Maybe they just decided to support an innocent & brave academic who is only telling the truth ? Maybe they decided to support the investigation of science? Tough luck trolls, suck it up, move on, there is nothing for you here.

“Dr Wilyman and Professor Martin have both been targeted by a series of complaints to the university, including a lengthy criticism of her masters thesis, which was investigated last year.”

All from our usual slimy suspects, The Australian Skeptics Inc and the Friends of (un)Science & Ignorance. Know what trolls, and I hate to be the Quack to break it to you, but, your names are mud now. When a politician or a university reach for the phone knowing one of you clowns are on the other end, they know exactly what they are gonna get. A complaint about a homeopath or a chiropractor or an ‘anti vaxxer’. Yawn.

In attempting to muddy the names of all you stand against you’ve just crapped all over your own. Yes. Your name is crap. You’re as crazy, if not crazier than any ‘anti vaxxer’ out there. To catch a monster you must become a monster right?  Doh! Look at you all, crazy as hell on your keyboards screaming at the moon that some homeopath down your street is selling arsenicum album while you wash down a few statins with your zoloft and cab sav. You’re a crazy as a cut snake Skeptic and everyone knows it.

“The outcomes of that investigation remain confidential, although the university’s deputy vice-chancellor (research) Judy Raper wrote to Dr Wilyman, telling her she “would like to personally say I am sincerely sorry for this to have happened”.

Classic Murdoch name and shame here, huh Kylar? Now you are just becoming as detestable as most of your News Corp buddies. I gag just writing that name News Corp. I pray every day that in my lifetime I will see creeps like Bush, Blair, Cheney, Howard, and Murdoch being cuffed and led away from court for a spell in the penitentiary for war crimes. Oh the joy that image brings me. Anyways lets hope Karma exists in this lifetime cause their ends gotta be God awful. Watching Howard getting voted out of his own seat came close I must admit.  Fingers crossed.

“No other action was taken, but the criticisms — of the PhD as well as masters papers — continue.”

That so Kylar Loussikian? Where is all this criticism? Mums and dads protesting on the streets? Only criticism are coming from News Corp and all the same slime bags I’ve already mentioned with all their tawdry agendas. Propping up the Bad Pharma narrative. Not an easy job being PR for Charles Manson so I do admire them in some respects. Defending the indefensible is no easy feat. Helps of course if you are a soulless turd. What are the criticisms ? Most of these fools have not even read the thesis. Bet you haven’t Kylar Loussikian?

“At the heart of the issue is whether the work is backed up by science.Many medical practitioners and researchers, both in Australia and abroad, have already pointed out serious errors, which Professor Martin and the theses examiners should have detected at the time of research.”

Many? Who? How many? Lots? Name and shame these cowards? Don’t worry I will be. Where were all these brave souls back in mid October? They were all invited. Not one timid soul had the courage to take a stand for science. Not one. Hiding behind keyboards and cowardly articles like this is their modus operandi. And they like to consider themselves science advocates? Oh dear! You haven’t gone into these failings of science though I note. Serious errors though? Point em out mofo, what sort of a journalist are you? A News Corp one. Yep

“However, because the research was conducted through the university’s social sciences faculty, it may not have been checked by medical experts — and the university has declined to name the examiners, citing its usual policies of nondisclosure.”

May not have? Does this mean it may have been checked by medical experts? Maybe? You don’t know Kylar. Declined to name the examiners. That cuts you too, a good tar and feathering could have taken place here and, boy, you’d have all enjoyed that. Sad old Peter Alexander Tierney  could have written a lovely blog on Reasonable Hank about them, posted photos of their workplaces and maybe the addresses of the schools their children attend. All for the cause though huh Pete? Saving the world at the taxpayers expense. Anyways enough of my good friend Pete, his story is for another day.

“Some of the criticisms were summarised by Alison Campbell, an associate dean and biological sciences lecturer at New Zealand’s University of Waikato, in a blistering analysis published yesterday.”

What have we here? A real scholar willing to have a crack. put her name to the story. Hope it is better than the last New Zealand scholar and doctor , Helen Petousis-Harris, they dragged out to attack Dr Wilyman. She ended up embroiled in her own little medical scandal (still ongoing, article on that coming soon).


Dr Helen Petousis Harris attacked Judy Wilymans’ Phd before becoming involved in her own scandal regarding Gardasil Safety

Anyway what’s up Alison?

“Professor Campbell points out numerous scientific errors in Dr Wilyman’s master’s work, including the unexplained exclusion of two of four types of vaccine components, an alarming omission for a paper on immunisation. Professor Campbell and others have also repeatedly noted the use of out-of-date references, including a 62-year-old textbook, while Dr Wilyman’s PhD thesis includes references to a book published more than a century ago.”

Hmmm? Old references? Well I hate to tell you all but when it comes to vaccination science good modern references are not easy to come by. Good, modern, non-industry funded references are even more difficult to find. In fact a challenge for you Kylar. Find me some non-industry funded references on the safe injectable doses of aluminium and mercury for infants. Have fun bud. Seriously though, is this it?  This would be laughable if it wasn’t so disgraceful. Sounds like Dr Wilyman’s thesis doesn’t have a lot wrong with it ? What you think Kylar?

“Both Dr Wilyman and Professor Martin have repeatedly declined requests to answer questions. But in a newsletter sent out to her anti-vaccination group, Dr Wilyman suggests The Australian is merely engaging in “name-calling” and should provide “accountability for the national vaccination schedule”.”

Not The Australian? A filthy Murdoch rag. Murdoch’s papers parrot Murdoch’s agendas. War and promotion of terrorism. Oil and mining. Destruction of unions. Pharmaceutical companies and the destruction of natural medicine. Just to name a few. Wish we had a free press in this country but those days are over. Could not agree more though, the national vaccine schedule needs serious scrutiny. Too many unnecessary vaccines for too many unnecessary diseases with too many unnecessarily toxic ingredients. Wake up fools, you been Murdoched for too long.

“It is a national vaccination schedule that Dr Wilyman alleges is manipulated for the benefit of pharmaceutical companies by the WHO and other groups, which exaggerate the benefits of immunisation and attempt to minimise coverage of health issues.”

Could not agree more. Fact.

“More than 60 Wollongong academics have now spoken out against vaccination scaremongering, including Alison Jones, executive dean of the science, medicine and health faculty.”

Let’s name and shame these suckers then. Any agendas? Any industry sponsorships (tis a big gravy train this one, with deep pockets)? Have you suckled from the trough of Big Bad Pharma in any way. Hoping to? Are you a Friend of (un)Science and Ignorance? Are you a Star Trek fan? Do you own more than 5 cats? Hmmm? Suspicious about your 60 Wollongong academics Murdoch? In saying that Skeptic trolls are like cockroaches so, maybe? Plenty of experts said Saddam had WMD’s and we all know how that panned out. Don’t we Rupert?


“The university’s vice-chancellor Paul Wellings has “looked at this thesis”, a spokesman said, but declined to provide public commentary.

“Because a PhD thesis is an educational process as well as a contribution to academic knowledge, they can sometimes contain imperfections or material that is open to debate,” the spokesman said.”

Could not have said it better myself. What you think Kylar Loussikian ? Sound fair mate? Na…you’re just gonna go on another Murdoch attack, aided and abetted  by your sad (bought) Skeptic troll mates. Surely anyone who has aspirations to be a real journalist would consider News Corp the 7th circle of Hell? Get out of there son, leave putrid, nasty pieces like this to the Jane Hansens and Claire Harveys of the world. What’s a nice boy like you working for a monster named Murdoch?

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Science skeptics’ use guerilla warfare tactics and racketeering behavior to infiltrate Wikipedia and spread corporate propaganda

Science skeptics

(NaturalNews) Last week, Natural Newsexposed the utter and total takeover of the free online encyclopedia Wikipedia, which we have now learned is being orchestrated by a community strangely referring to themselves as “skeptical activists,” of which pro-vaccine troll and Karmanos breast cancer surgeon David Gorski is a member.

Trusted sources confirmed Gorski has administrative privileges on Wikipedia where he writes and edits content under the username “MastCell.” Under these administrative controls, Gorski and his team of skeptics are thought to have penned a defamatory review of Andrew Wakefield’s documentary VAXXED, a film instrumental in widening the discussion on vaccine safety.

Skeptical activists have taken it upon themselves to debunk and control information via Wikipedia on a variety of topics including vaccine safety, alternative medicine, natural health, homeopathy, cancer treatments, the paranormal, astrology and psychic mediums.

In other words, if a topic does not fit inside mainstream science’s limited paradigm, skeptical activists will go to great lengths to discredit and stifle discussions on topics they consider “quackery.”

Skeptical activists cruise together to collaborate Wiki takeover

A genuinely weird and pathetic bunch, skeptical activists routinely gather at conferences, host “psychic stings,” conduct protests and even take cruises together.

In 1996, magician James Randi founded a nonprofit organization called the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) aimed at “educating the public and the media on the dangers of accepting unproven claims.”

From this organization was born the Amaz!ng Meeting, an annual conference where skeptics gather to purportedly discuss “science, skepticism, and critical thinking,” according to the meeting’s Wikipedia entry, which is almost certainly written by skeptics.

What these so-called skeptics are really doing is organizing an international effort to smear and discredit anything they consider to be “pseudoscience.” This type of collaborated effort is characterized by a pattern of racketeering, as skeptical activists write, edit and promote biased profiles on Wikipedia to generate income, notoriety and legitimacy.

At the center of it all is seasoned Wikipedia editor Susan Gerbic, who just so happens to be a close friend of Gorski. Gerbic, we’ve learned, has played a critical role in the infiltration of Wikipedia.


Though she has absolutely no qualifications to do so (her educational background includes a B.A. degree in social history), Gerbic has grown obsessed with “debunking” pseudoscience.

‘Pseudoscience debunker’ lacks background in science!

Gerbic is the co-founder of Monterey County Skeptics and leader of “Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia” (GSoW), whose self-described mission is to “improve skeptical content on Wikipedia… by improving pages of our skeptic spokespeople, providing noteworthy citations, and removing the unsourced claims from paranormal and pseudoscientific pages [emphasis added].”

This is why healthy food advocates like Mike Adams have false and defamatory Wikipedia pages.

Gerbic and other skeptics have capitalized on the fact that people view Wikipedia as a “neutral” place to get information, which is why they’ve hijacked it to promote their agenda. Not only do Gerbic and her allies trash opposing viewpoints, but they “improve” Wiki pages for skeptical spokespeople; in other words, they alter the pages to favor their twisted, cult-like community.

When skeptical spokespeople are in the public eye, “their Wikipedia page views are going to spike… we want to make sure they are getting great information,” says Gerbic. And by “great information,” she of course means information favorable to the “skeptic” community.

Gerbic has been accused of promoting biased pages, deleting hundreds of articles, and banning thousands of contributors on WikipediaGerbic admittedly takes pride in her and her team’s ability to “frustrate editors with opposing views to the extent that editors have given up editing Wikipedia.”

Rupert Sheldrake, a biochemist and plant physiologist trained at Cambridge University accuses Gerbic of propagating “scientific materialism.”

Using skepticism as a weapon

“Scepticism is a normal, healthy attitude of doubt. Unfortunately it can also be used as a weapon to attack opponents. In scientific and medical contexts, organized skepticism is a crusade to propagate scientific materialism,” Sheldrake wrote in his blog.

“Most materialists believe that the mind is nothing more than the physical activity of the brain, psychic phenomena are illusory, and complementary and alternative medical systems are fraudulent, or at best produce placebo effects,” he says, adding that most materialists are also atheists.

“The Guerrilla Skeptics have carried the crusading zeal of organized skepticism into the realm of Wikipedia, and use it as a soapbox to propagate their beliefs.”

Overdosing on herbs

Gerbic and her fellow skeptics have engaged in some pretty bizarre behavior, such as overdosing on homeopathic tablets. Gerbic says she took “80 pellets” of belladonna, a plant with potentially poisonous properties that’s used for Parkinson’s disease, colic and motion sickness, and as a pain killer.

On another occasion, during one of their peculiar gatherings, more than 100 skeptical activists overdosed on coffea cruda, a homeopathic remedy used to induce sleep.

When they’re not overdosing on homeopathic medicine, skeptical activists are actively recruiting. The GSoW website states: “We train – We mentor – Join us.” I don’t know about you, but that phrase alone is enough to send chills up and down my spine.

Stay tuned as Natural News continues to go down the rabbit hole with skeptical activists and their plan to control science-related conversations on Wikipedia. We’ve already been tipped off that their agenda is much more sinister than we’ve documented here.


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