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Pro-Pedophile views in the False Memory Syndrome Foundation

Most famous skeptic ever, active since 1964 James Randi sits on the board of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. Read more about it here FALSE MEMORY SYNDROME FOUNDATION: QUESTIONABLE BOARD MEMBERS TIED TO THE CIA’S MKULTRA PROGRAM AND CHILD ABUSE  James … Continue reading

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Jane Hansen, Reasonable Hank, and Murdoch’s dirty vaccine war!

Ok, so as promised here is blog 2 of our 3 blog series on the exposing of serial stalker/doxer Reasonable Hank. So less than 5 days after we posted our first blog identifying Peter Tiernan as our friendly serial online … Continue reading

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Reasonable Hank Exposed

By Brett Smith   So, how many of you out there have ever been defamed and slandered by that serial online stalker and pest, Peter Tierney, aka Reasonable Hank? Jeez, that many? I knew there’d be a lot but I … Continue reading

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Jill Hennessy Lies Exposed

by a Vaccine Injured Mum On Thursday 20 th October at 8:32pm, The Herald Sun broke what would become front-page news: a story so important that it was covered by all the major TV networks and leading online news sites across … Continue reading

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The vitamin lie Dr. Brad McKay wants you to swallow

By Charlie Eclaire This is Dr Brad Mckay According to Wikipedia, “The pot calling the kettle black” is an idiom used to claim that a person is guilty of the very thing of which they accuse another. Never has this … Continue reading

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Who are the Friends of Science in Medicine?

“The Skeptics are not open-minded and “seeking evidence”. There is no culture of independent investigation and verification of “facts” and claims. Neither do they support Open, Honest and Transparent administration and general good governance.” Continue reading

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Why Richard Di Natale and the Greens are dangerous ?

After Richard Di Natale called the Health Australia party dangerous  it was important to conduct some investigation into the Greens backyard. The Greens appeared to have stood for social justice, respect for our fellow human beings and our planet but … Continue reading

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Murdoch’s War on Natural Medicine

By Brett Smith Ahhh me old mate Jane Hansen and her evil old boss are at it again. What this time you may ask? Selling more illegal wars? Selling HepB shots to one day olds? Flu shots for 90 year … Continue reading

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Sue Ieraci: You are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts

by Pedro Tierney Just when I thought that the paid trolls working with the hate group, Stop the AVN, couldn’t possibly get any more ignorant, along comes Sue Ieraci. For those of you who are not aware of her, Sue … Continue reading

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Murdochs’ Conspiracy Skeptics

“Well Kylar, I wonder about your sources (Not. Australian Skeptics Inc, and the equally putrid Friends Of Science & Medicine). If you’d done a little more research (some call it journalism) you would have known that these exact people were in fact invited to participate in this public forum about vaccinations.” Continue reading

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