2018 Cracks In The Pro Vaxer Wall? Even t

By Unvaccinated Australia Admin team

I made a prediction, a few years back, that it would be 5-10 years before Pharma’s Vaccine House of Cards toppled over. That was in 2014 when Pharma/Murdoch corrupted governments all over Australia started down the mandatory vaccination pathway. Pharma front groups like the Australian Skeptics with the able assistance of Murdoch media stooges Jane Hanson became the emboldened attack dogs aided and abetted by Pharma Twitter doctors like John Cunningham, Rachael Dunlop, Brad McKay, & last but not least, Dave Gardasil Hawkes.

In the US, Pharma whores like Richard Pan, & online pharmaceutical trolls like Dorit Reiss, Paul Offit, & minions like Eve Switzer lead the attack on the mothers and families of vaccine killed/injured children. Paid by Pharma to disrupt an important online narrative. Think about the souls of these types of people. Smart enough to see the flaws in the vaccination fairy tale but paid to disinform unsuspecting people about the dangers and many risks of vaccinating their children. Their children.

Dorit Reiss at a Pfizer meeting

Things were looking grim until a closet ‘antivaxxer’ was elected President of the United States beating a Pharma stooge & possibly one of the most corrupt and deranged politicians in living memory, Shillbillary Clinton. Good Lord, the world dodged a bullet with it’s defeat.

Trump made a lot of noises about vaccine safety commissions (headed by the heroic RFK jnr) and cracking down on Mad, Bad Pharma but at this point ’tis all hot air. Am I still hopeful? You bet. Eventually science was gonna catch up with Jenner’s immunology lobotomy. And it did.

No go from President Trump for Robert F Kennedy to head a Vaccine Safety commission

2018 started pretty poorly for vaccine safety advocates in Australia. The Penal Colony Gestapo led by Murdoch rallied to Pharma’s cause and declared up to 10 years jail for any nurse or midwife raising concerns about vaccine safety.

Online trolls and serial doxers, like Reasonable Hank/Peter Tiernan (or Tierney if that floats ya boat?) couldn’t believe their luck. For years he has been publishing the personal details of nurses, midwives, doctors, naturopaths, the families of vaccine injured/killed, etc online. Now he had Murdoch/Pharma and government approval. Well done Australia! Another good reason as to why you are referred to as the North Korea of western democracies. Oh, and Pete, that $10,000 Charity Boxing Match offer still stands. You, Big Sniffy, Peter Tiernan, Rupert Murdoch tag team v Me? C’mon do it for the kids with cancer if you can’t do it for Merck?

Defending the indefensible ain’t all smooth sailing though and not all politicians and governments are as corrupt as our sweet little penal colony so 2018 was not all Merck had hoped it would be.

So, what were the highlights/lowlights in 2018.

James Lyons Weiler continued his awesome work demonstrating aluminium doses in vaccines were way too high when weight adjusted. Aluminium will be their undoing. Well, one of them at least.

Reconsideration of the Immunotherapeutic Pediatric Safe Dose Levels of Aluminum.

When talking of one’s undoing how could one go past the atrocious Gardasil. Everyone associated with this vaccine and it’s recommendation should be in prison. You think I’m being harsh? What penalties would you like considered if your daughter, son, or sister was killed or disabled by this completely unnecessary vaccine?

The Cochrane HPV Vaccine Review Was Incomplete and Ignored Important Evidence of Bias.

One of the world’s most respected medical scientists Peter C Gøtzsche fell out with the Cochrane Foundation (he was a cofounder) over his brave and factual assessment of Gardasil’s HPV trials. This is about as damning as it gets. Any medical professional administering a HPV vaccine after reading or hearing about this should be sued for malpractice.

Further to that, the atrocious Gardasil, The HPV Vaccine On Trial: Seeking Justice For A Generation Betrayed was published, a must read for any parent researching vaccines.


Dengvaxia Debacle In The Phillippines.

Definitely not a highlight but the rest of the world got a good look at the psychopathy of pharmaceutical companies, in this case Sanofi. Also highlighted the fact that the one size fits all vaccination model can, and will, kill children. For anyone still gullible enough to believe that governments, Pharma, Bill Gates, & Rupert Murdoch give a toss about your kids this whole saga is required reading.


Dengvaxia Debacle in the Phillipines

Chinese Vaccine Scandals.

Take your pick. We should probably find out how many of our vaccines are made in China? Or if the vaccines manufactured in our own countries are any better anyways?



ICAN vs. HHS: Key Legal Win Recasts Vaccine Debate.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. represented ICAN and founder Del Bigtree in its successful lawsuit against HHS. Can’t think of many working harder than these two heroes in this fight against Bad Government, Bad Pharma, Shite Media, and the moronic General Public. When this war is won statues will be made in honour of these two. Keep up the great work gents. In the meantime how about a little love?


Sharyl Atkinson’s Full Measure Report, Zimmerman Acknowledges That Vaccines Can & Do Cause Autism.

From two superheroes to another, Sharyl Atkinson. A real journalist doing her job. A rarity these days. Salute!


Traitor Senator Yen’s Vaccine Bill Getting Crushed Before A Vote In Oklahoma.

Get behind me, Satan.



When you apply 2018 scientific technique (and equipment) to 200 year old Jenner quackery bad things happen. You actually get to see what’s in that vaccine you are lining up to inject into your child. Dr Judy Mikovits tried to warn us and look what happened to her. Look closer.


Italian Government Report Admitting Vaccines Cause Autoimmune Disease & Cancer.


Hate to be the guy that says “I told you so” but …..


Corvelva’s Entry Into Vaccine Fraud Arena: Commitment To Test All Vaccines On Market For Contamination.

You’ll never believe what they found. Wait til you see what they DIDN’T find.



Proving glyphosate is carcinogenic. Well who’d a seen that coming? Guess what’s in all your vaccines? Things that make ya go hmmmm? Oh, and Skeptics love Monsanto too, they are only trying to end world hunger. Remember?

The Deposition of Dr Plotkin, The Vaccine King.

Oh, so aborted baby organs are harvested to manufacture vaccines? Oh, and you do test vaccines on mentally retarded children, prisoners, and orphans. So I guess these aren’t conspiracy theories anymore?


New Study: HepB vaccine “may have adverse implications for brain development and cognition”

I love J.B Handley and you should too. When we look back on the vaccination of one day old babies for HepB we will hang our heads in shame. And we did it to our own. Criminal. Like Gardasil, anyone involved in the decision to pseudo mandate this vaccine for one day old babies should be locked up. Enemy of the People.

Yet another study highlighting the criminality of adding aluminium to a vaccine product then expecting us to inject it in our children. Wanna learn the hard way? Keep listening to your government and Rupert Murdoch. Of course they have your best interests at heart.

“So buckle up for the grand finale, folks. Be brave, patient, and truthful and help hit fast forward on the death gasps of a hugely corrupt pharmaceutical industry by following, learning, sharing, and discussing the fraudulent science of undeservedly revered medical profession as actual factual science continues to emerge. The tide is turning, make sure you are all there with us to give it a good push along.” Dr Wise





















Special thanks to my secret gang of freedom fighters who helped me compile this list. You know who you all are, a call out from me will get you permanently banned from Twitter and FaceBook, so you shall remain nameless. For now. I love you all.

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2 Responses to 2018 Cracks In The Pro Vaxer Wall? Even t

  1. Hi, re your reference to “One of the world’s most respected medical scientists Peter C Gøtzsche…” I suggest you be very careful of relying on Gøtzsche to defend those questioning vaccination policy. For example, here’s his latest tweet: https://twitter.com/PGtzsche1/status/1097057069428080640

    Gøtzsche is NOT an expert in vaccination, and he should be careful not to hinder those citizens who are questioning emerging problems with vaccine products…

    Elizabeth Hart


    • Brett Smith says:

      Hi Elizabeth, I’ve met Peter a couple of times and, yes, I realise he is pretty pro vax. He put his neck on the line in relation to HPV vaccine safety though and for that he should be thanked. RFK jnr started out pretty pro vax too. Pharma will destroy this poor man. He’ll have plenty of time to look into the reasons why.


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