Australian Skeptic loses attempted report to AHPRA

10 October 2018

My name is Andrew Kinsella

I am a registered Medical practitioner. I am currently off on sick leave after a nervous breakdown in early 2016. 

I have been fit for work for an extended period, and AHPRA were notified of this at the end of March 2018.

Despite that the process leading to my return to work is still dragging on 6 and 1/3 months later.This is typical of the lax and slovenly approach that marks all AHPRA actions.One of the restrictions on me has been a ban on publishing anything.

I have adhered by this, but given the retarded and incompetent response of that organisation I have decided to cease adhering by it. We can fight this out in court if that is their choice. The condition is unconstitutional.


On 27 July 2017 I was involved in an email discussion regarding the precise concerns around informed consent. I responded thinking that I had replied to only 2 people out of the 70 or so on the email list- however, buy mistake it went to all of them.

On 6 October 2017 I found myself at the centre of yet another notification, claiming professional misconduct. However, in due course that notification was rejected by AHPRA (10 April 2018 ref no available on application).

Much to my surprise, the final letter actually revealed the name of the notifier– a nasty little man who is suspected of making death threats against one Meryl Doery.

This vile individual is entangled with a large cluster of individuals of questionable character working under various pen names– “Stop the Antivaccination Network, Australian Skepticsp ( never was an organisation so dishonestly named) unless it it this one- the absurdly named “Friends of Science in Medicine.” This disgusting group makes me ashamed to be a doctor. Even their name is a lie.

If anyone wishes to wallow in the trough of swill that these groups produce I recommend looking at these sites:
Neither of these sites are regarded as mainstream journalism, but so far the mainstream media have resolutely refused to investigate these matters properly. I can only imagine why that should be.

From what I can see there are a number of serious crossovers. Most particularly Heather Yeatman, the dean of the school of Medicine at Wollongong University who has strong provaccination connections and associations with members of the Friends of Science In Medicine.

Now I do not know which of the 70 people on this list was responsible for dropping my name to the Aus Skeptics hatchet man, but I do know it failed.

I also know that in the context, any decent, honourable person would have called me and spoken to me to discuss the matter, rather than exploit the situation in an attempt to take another potential challenger out through trauma.

These people have been warned. AHPRA have been warned that they are aiding and abetting a bunch of sociopaths.

They can’t hide behind legal process forever. Not even for one more day. This letter will be followed up with a demand for an investigation.

Andrew Kinsella
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